Chiquis Rivera honors her mother, 10 years after her death, with a mariachi adaptation of “Paloma Blanca”

Chiquis Rivera continues to pay tribute to her mother on the 10th anniversary of Jenni Rivera's death in a tragic plane crash. This time she did it with a song she dedicated to 'la diva de la banda'.

On the 10th anniversary of Jenni Rivera’s tragic death in a plane crash, her daughter Chiquis paid tribute to her with a new version of ‘Paloma Blanca, a very important song for her, where she talks about her mother, the relationship in her last days and how much she misses ‘la diva de la banda’.

The Mexican singer covered the song in mariachi with Mariachis Divas. “Vuela alto… Vuela Libre … Vuela Mi Paloma Blanca. A gift for you…. and at the same time for me. @jennirivera. New Version of ‘Paloma Blanca’ with Mariachi with my beautiful and talented friends @mariachidivas. The song that started it all. It is an important song in my personal life and career,” wrote Chiquis when posting the beginning of the music video on her Instagram account.

The video of this version of ‘Paloma Blanca’ begins with the words Jenni Rivera dedicated to Chiquis before singing ‘Paloma Negra’ in her last concert. “I’ve always sung it with a lot of feeling, but from a few months ago, it touched my heart deeply… I ask you to help me sing it to my daughter,” said Rivera before drinking from a glass and beginning to perform the song in Monterrey.

This December 9th marked the 10th anniversary of Jenni Rivera’s death when the plane she was traveling in from Monterrey to Mexico City crashed. Chiquis Rivera dedicated some emotional words to her on her death anniversary through social networks.

“3,650 days without you. How!!!? When? Why!!!!!? …. I can’t sleep. I can’t understand how we got here… But I thank God for seeing us through. It’s 1:41 a.m. PST… and ten years ago today, at this exact moment, you were flying, and I was in Las Vegas missing you. I felt you… and I will never forget the pain my heart felt that night. It is similar to what I feel now. Foolishly, I thought it would have been a little easier today because it’s been ten years now, but somehow it weighs more. Just knowing that I’ve lived ten whole years without you hurts. I miss you like crazy…and it seems like that will never change. I need my mom. I need your guidance. Your hugs. Your help. God, please keep giving my siblings and me the strength to get through this life. No matter how many years go by or what happens, I PROMISE to protect, guide and keep my siblings together. I know how important it was to you… and I know that’s the best way I can honor your memory and legacy. Today, I celebrate… your graduation to a better life, the woman you were, are, and continue to be in this world. What an honor to be your firstborn. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Fly high… Fly free… Fly my White Dove. I love you forever. #VivaLaDiva,” wrote Chiquis.

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