Chiquis Rivera reveals why her marriage to Lorenzo Méndez ended

United States.- The divorce of the singers Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez has become an endless war; More than a year after her divorce, the reasons why the eldest daughter of La Diva de la Banda decided to separate from the former vocalist of La Original Banda El Limón are revealed.

All this comes with the launch of the 36-year-old singer’s second autobiographical book, which is about to hit bookstores and digital platforms on February 8. “Invincible,” predecessor of “Perdón,” will tell the best-kept secrets of Chiquis, where the details of her divorce from Lorenzo are highlighted.

What ended the love of the singers and led to their separation hastily were the addictions and lies, as revealed by Chiquis in a preview of her new book. The work has sparked quite a bit of controversy since it is added that before getting married, she no longer wanted to be with Lorenzo.

The love story of Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez

After maintaining a relationship that seemed to be climbing to the top of the most desired in love, in June 2019, Lorenzo Mendez and Chiquis Rivera married. Still, after several scandals, they ended up divorcing in September 2020. However, the legal separation process has not yet been completed because he has not signed the corresponding papers.

Chiquis Rivera reveals why her marriage to Lorenzo Méndez ended. Photo: Instagram

According to Chiquis herself, during an interview with People en Español in 2019, she felt ready to take the next step in her relationship. Still, her hopes fell apart when she realized that her partner, who was engaged then, wasn’t ready for the same.

“When that day came, I felt like a princess (…) I was ready to get married, I was ready to make this commitment and leave certain things behind; a married woman can’t keep going out with her friends all the time or going on a trip. There is a certain respect, and I was ready, but I felt in my heart that he was not ready because certain things happened that I explain in the book”, she said in the interview.

Everything that happened made the Mexican regional music singer doubt getting married. However, everything was ready for the celebration, so she decided to continue with the plans, even having an anxiety attack when entering the church, but what came after was the worst.

“That [las adicciones] cause lies, and I can’t with lies. Now when someone lies to you, there is not that same trust. Things are not the same (…) Things would have been very different if he had continued with the AA process [Alcoholics Anonymous].” Chiquis revealed.

It was Chiquis Rivera who decided to take action on the matter and find self-love, separating from Lorenzo Méndez and ending that love story that was so controversial in 2019 and 2020.