Chiquis Rivera Sends Cryptic Message After Defending Siblings, Sparking Safety Concerns

Singer Chiquis Rivera raises alarms over her wellbeing amidst a contentious family feud and legal wrangling over her late mother Jenni Rivera's estate.

Mexican-American singer Chiquis Rivera has sparked worries for her safety after sending an ominous message on social media this week, shortly after publicly calling out her aunt and uncle over alleged mistreatment of her siblings.

The 38-year-old performer, whose real name is Janney Marín Rivera, took to Twitter Wednesday to share a cryptic warning that she could be in danger.

“I have only spoken what my heart feels, from my point of view,” Rivera wrote. “But I make it clear that if something happens to me, you know where it comes from.”

Rivera did not elaborate on any specific threats she may have received. But the post alarmed fans, coming soon after she used a recent concert to accuse her aunt Rosie Rivera and uncle Juan Rivera of speaking negatively about her siblings.

Months of Family Strife

Rivera’s message added to months of growing family drama surrounding her relatives’ handling of her late mother, Jenni Rivera’s estate and businesses.

The Grammy-nominated singer, known as La Diva de la Banda, died at age 43 in a 2012 plane crash. Her surprise passing kicked off a dispute over her financial legacy that has deepened rifts between her children and their aunt and uncle.

Matters escalated last month when Rivera’s grandmother, Rosa Saavedra, made comments perceived as criticism of two of Jenni’s children ― Rivera’s younger half-siblings Johnny and Jenicka Lopez.

“All of Pedro’s children were taught to work. They are all very hard workers,” Saavedra said in a YouTube video on Nov. 22, referring to her son Pedro Rivera. “Jenni’s children also came out very hard working, the older ones … But not all of them come out the same. The fingers on the hand are not the same.”

Though Saavedra did not name Johnny and Jenicka directly, many saw her statements as an attack on their work ethic compared to their older half-siblings ― Rivera, 36-year-old Jacqie Campos, and 35-year-old Michael Marín.

Defending Her Family Publicly

During a recent stop on her Abeja Reina Tour in Los Angeles, Rivera appeared to respond forcefully to her grandmother’s comments and other criticisms from relatives.

“I am very disappointed in certain people who say they love my mother, who would do anything for her and speak ill of my siblings, who want to take away from them or took away what my mom worked so many years to give them,” she told concertgoers.

Rivera emphasized that her mother worked hard solely to provide for her children, “not for her sister, not for her brother, not for her mom, not for her dad.”

Two days later, she posted a message on Twitter indicating she could be at risk of some kind of threat or harm. Rivera said that while she believes “my God is almighty,” she felt compelled to go public with her concerns.

Chiquis was not considered by Jenni Rivera in her will, however, her siblings have sought to involve her in all decisions related to their mother's estate. (Instagram/@jacqierivera)

Chiquis was not considered by Jenni Rivera in her will. However, her siblings have sought to involve her in all decisions related to their mother’s estate. (Instagram/@jacqierivera)

Cryptic Warning Causes Alarm

So far, Rivera has not provided any further details about what may have prompted her to share the warning across her social media platforms.

The post has racked up over 58,000 likes on Twitter, with many fans expressing fear and confusion. Some wondered if Rivera received threats from family members angered by her latest accusations.

“OMG, sis, be safe out here, plz,” replied influencer Brother Nature.

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“I hope you have Security. Be careful, Quinn, we need you well and for a long time!” tweeted a fan with the handle @quinninwonder.

Others urged the singer not to let relatives intimidate her into silence.

“Don’t let ANYONE silence you!!” wrote motivational speaker Monica Saldivar. “You keep speaking your truth!!”

So far, Rosie and Juan Rivera have not publicly addressed their niece’s recent allegations about them. The only response has come from Rivera’s uncle, Lupillo Rivera, who appeared sympathetic to her stance while answering a fan question this week in an Instagram Live chat.

Family Rift Plays Out Publicly

The dispute between Jenni Rivera’s five children and their aunt and uncle has unfolded increasingly on social media as trust continues seeping away.

Major contention began last year when Rivera’s eldest daughter, Chiquis Rivera, filed a lawsuit accusing Rosie and Juan of mismanaging Jenni’s multi-million dollar estate and mishandling Jenni Rivera Enterprises companies. Rosie had served as CEO of the businesses.

Chiquis also claimed Rosie intentionally interfered with a modeling contract she had signed.

In an Instagram video following news of the lawsuit, Rosie apologized for any mistakes but denied the allegations as “absurd.” Juan said he, too, was “deeply hurt” by the accusations.

(X: @chiquis626)
(X: @chiquis626)

Tensions only worsened this June when Jenni’s four other children ― Jacqie, Michael, Johnny, and Jenicka ― joined Chiquis in suing Rosie and Juan.

A Los Angeles judge eventually ruled Rosie must pay her late sister’s estate $1.8 million in damages, though she continues denying any wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, Rivera’s grandparents, Pedro and Rosa, have also ended up targets of their grandchildren’s ire via social media. Last year, the siblings blasted Pedro for plans to release previously unreleased Jenni songs to make money from her legacy.

Safety Fears Underscore Bitter Rift

With the family squabbles playing out loudly online, Rivera’s cryptic public message this week served as the latest example of how bitterly fractured Jenni Rivera’s inner circle has become since her sudden death 11 years ago.

Rivera’s feeling of the need to voice safety concerns vaguely also demonstrated how personal and perhaps dangerous the fighting has turned.

The performer ended her post with one last defiant pledge before closing with a bee emoji, symbolizing her Abeja Reina persona:

“But I don’t bend because my God is almighty!”