Chiquis Rivera praises Shakira and criticizes Gerard Piqué while she identifies with the Colombian: “he is a fool”

In a recent interview, Chiquis Rivera had nothing but praise for Shakira and criticism for Gerard Piqué. Find out more about the Mexican-American singer's thoughts on these two high-profile figures.

The Mexican-American singer Chiquis Rivera, who is currently dating photographer and businessman Emilio Sanchez, said she identifies with Shakira. “She is a woman I admire very much as a woman, a singer, an artist, a composer, a mom, a daughter. I had loved her since I was 14 when I went to her first concert,” said Jenni’s daughter about the interpreter of ‘Monotonía.’

I see her better, so that makes me happy. She has suffered, and I know what that’s like, but after a fall like that, you get up and look better and feel better,” Chiquis said. “I imagine she must still be in pain because it doesn’t go away from one day to the next. It’s hard, it’s hard, but I see her already better.

Chiquis also had some praise for Shakira, saying, “How gorgeous, how beautiful, how intelligent.”

Chiquis Criticizes Gerard Piqué

Chiquis didn’t have many compliments for Gerard Piqué. La Diva de la Banda’s firstborn thinks the former Spanish soccer player is a “fool” for letting Shakira go. So far, Gerard Piqué has not reacted to Chiquis’ statements about him.

Chiquis talks about her relationships.

After her divorce from Lorenzo Méndez, Chiquis said she has not given up the possibility of becoming a mother with her current partner. “I have a boyfriend who is seven years younger,” she said about Emilio Sanchez, who she claims motivated her to lose weight and take better care of her health. After undergoing an exercise and nutrition regimen and taking medicine to control her thyroid and hormones, Chiquis has been praised for her slim appearance.

The singer said she wants to have one or two children and does not rule out adopting. “I want a girl. I would like her to be named after my mommy,” she said.

Earlier this month, Chiquis Rivera fought with Mexican journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, but that is behind her. Now, she focuses on her private life and her new engagement. However, she confessed that she identifies with Shakira because they both endured a breakup and suffered the pain it caused them.

Jenni Rivera’s daughter and Lorenzo Méndez got married in 2019, but they only lasted a year in marriage because, in 2020, they decided to separate. Sometime later, Chiquis Rivera assured everyone she lived through an ordeal next to her ex-husband due to the multiple problems and differences.

The separation process was not easy for either of them, as both launched criticisms and negative comments about what they had gone through. In this scenario, Chiquis Rivera mentioned in an interview with ‘People en Español’ that she feels she can identify with Shakira, who separated from Gerard Piqué this year.

“So silly,” said Chiquis referring to Gerard Piqué, who decided to continue his love affair with Clara Chia.

Chiquis Enjoys Love with Emilio Sanchez

However, Chiquis Rivera is enjoying the sweetness of love with her new boyfriend, Emilio Sanchez, who, every chance he gets, prepares surprises to keep her in love so they can continue enjoying their beautiful relationship.

The couple has a seven-year age gap, but that has not been a problem for them, as they have been able to complement each other and support each other in their personal and professional endeavors.

Emilio Sanchez has helped Chiquis care for her health and well-being, inspiring her to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Chiquis has also credited Emilio with helping her feel better about herself and move on from her painful divorce.