Chiquis Rivera shows breasts, poses as God brought her into the world

  • Chiquis Rivera shows her breasts and poses naked on her Instagram
  • Jenni Rivera’s daughter leaves nothing to imagination
  • She only covers herself with a necklace and her hair

Chiquis, Jenni Rivera‘s daughter, poses as God brought her into the world and almost shows her breasts, comes out naked, and only covers herself with a necklace and her hair, provoking all kinds of impure thoughts, but also some criticism for her figure .


It was through her official Instagram account that the singer again caused a sensation among her fans, since she did not need clothes to please them, since with only one necklace, she captivated more than one and caused the lowest passions.


Chiquis Rivera shows breasts
Instagram photo

However, this is not the first time that Chiquis Rivera has posed naked, so daring, without shame and in the following pages you will see her just as she knows how to do it, although most of the time it causes a sensation, she also receives many offenses.

But this ‘fashion’ of posing nude has a history in her family and you can see it in a photograph that makes it clear why she follows in the footsteps of someone very loved by the entire Mexican public and Hispanics in the United States.

Chiquis Rivera shows breasts: PROMOTE LIPSTICK

Jenni Rivera
Instagram photo

Lorenzo Méndez’s ex-wife uploaded that photograph to promote a lipztick, and she did it totally naked, so people immediately sent her all kinds of messages about the product and her image.

Although nothing improper is shown, she almost exposes her breasts and other intimate attributes, which drew the attention of her followers, who did not stop flattering her and highlighting the great talent she has, as well as her beauty.


Instagram photo

Jenni Rivera’s daughter was next to some golden curtains, with her long and flowing hair, wavy, with a perfect makeup with which she captivated more people who did not stop telling her how good she looked in that image.

The singer used a majestic necklace, which ran from her neck to her huge breasts, which allowed her to not show too much, but made the photograph a feeling of daring that many men took advantage of to delight their pupil. Filed Under: Chiquis Rivera Shows Breasts

They fall surrendered to their feet

Chiquis Rivera shows breasts
Instagram photo

She immediately received compliments: “I love you”, “beautiful”, “Who loves you?”, “My pretty girl”, “I love you”, “my queen”, “my short chula I love you”, “I adore you beautiful “This is how her followers received the fiery postcard of the artist, they told Chiquis Rivera naked.

“Doll”, “that ding”, “pinc … Janney !! Always with the most beautiful hair ”,“ what a chest ”,“ cuteness ”,“ there is a beautiful woman I fell in love with you ”,“ diva ”,“ you know that I love you with all my heart ”,“ Chiquis the people can say anything about you but I love you, you are beautiful ”, more fans told her. Filed Under: Chiquis Rivera Shows Breasts

Chiquis Rivera shows breasts: ARE YOU PREGNANT?

Jenni Rivera
Instagram photo

However, some people did not miss the opportunity to launch their ‘poison’ and for that we leave you the following criticisms: “What a spectacular photoshop”, “as always teaching”, “the power of makeup and the power of Photoshop in all its Splendor is so nice, but don’t go overboard ”.

But it was then that some insults came to her figure, since they consider that she is overweight: “Well scattered piglet”, even in a second photo that we show you here, they asked the following: “Pregnant in the 2nd photo?”

Chiquis Rivera shows breasts: BACKGROUND

Instagram photo

But these previous photos that you just saw of Jenni Rivera’s daughter in which she poses almost naked or how God brought her into the world, have an origin and that is due to her mother, who at some point also posed without any clothes.

And it was in a photo from her official account that Chiquis remembered when her mother did a photo session between the sheets, how she already did it too, so she did not want to be left behind and therefore has consented to her fans with those images.

Chiquis Rivera shows breasts: GIFT

It was precisely last month that the controversial band music singer, Chiquis Rivera again found herself on everyone’s lips for her outgoing images where she appeared as God brought her into the world. And it is that Jenni Rivera’s daughter has become a celebrity on social networks

On this occasion, through an Instagram account created by his fans named Chiquis Rivera Online, he shared a daring image of Lorenzo Méndez’s ex-wife where she shows her anatomy when posing for the camera without clothes and with only a huge bow covering her , but in others he has shown his huge butt.


Chiquis Rivera shows breasts
Instagram photo

With several photos the singer has managed to turn on social networks because she boasts at every moment that she can be sexy with daring outfits. It is not the first time that Chiquis appears naked in a photo, since she often shares photos of a heart attack.

After her break with singer Lorenzo Méndez, the controversial daughter of the deceased musical artist, Jenni Rivera has been quite confident in her posts. Chiquis has delighted the pupil of her followers by appearing with tiny and daring outfits that leave everyone with their mouths open. Filed Under: Chiquis Rivera Shows Breasts


Instagram photo

Without any shame, the celebrity shows us how to show off her curves, the confidence that Chiquis Rivera has has caused the number of followers on her Instagram account to increase considerably. It is worth mentioning that the artist looks more spectacular every day.

But, a few days ago the famous and controversial singer Chiquis Rivera was once again the victim of mockery on social networks, after a video appeared where she is offering a show on stage and singing the song “Don’t mess with my Cucu.” and showing her body in an outfit that apparently doesn’t suit her at all, according to users. Filed Under: Chiquis Rivera Shows Breasts


Photo Mezcalent

It was on the Instagram account of the Suelta la Sopa program, where they shared the video of Chiquis Rivera dancing and singing on stage in Houston. The artist could be observed how her body moved, revealing her anatomy and provoking criticism in the comments.

It is worth mentioning that Jenni Rivera’s daughter had that wardrobe made that made her be on everyone’s lips, since in one of her photos that she uploaded to her stories you can see how she herself drew the red jumpsuit that she would wear at her concert, but It did not turn out as she expected. Filed Under: Chiquis Rivera Shows Breasts