Chiquis Rivera tells grandmother how Lorenzo Méndez slapped him

  • Openly, Mrs. Rosa, Jenni Rivera’s mother, confessed an intimacy of Chiquis Rivera
  • Chiquis Rivera was slapped by Lorenzo Méndez
  • Although the singer had denied it, according to the Rivera matriarch, there was violence in his granddaughter’s marriage

A few weeks after the rumor spread that Lorenzo Méndez had beaten Chiquis Rivera while they were married, and he denied it, now, Jenni Rivera’s mother, Mrs. Rosa took an intimacy from the singer when she told him about the violence she lived through to hands of now your ex partner.


Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez lasted longer planning their wedding than it took them to separate and as a result of the announcement of the break, the rumor spread that supposedly it would have been due to violence and addictions on his part, however he always denied it, but so much Johnny, brother of Jenni Rivera‘s daughter as well as Mrs. Rosa, did not hesitate to expose what they knew.

Jenni Rivera’s mother assures that Chiquis Rivera told her that Lorenzo Méndez slapped her

Jenni Rivera's mother tells about Chiquis Rivera's intimacy
Instagram: Chamonic

Through her YouTube channel where she gives cooking recipes, in each video, Jenni Rivera’s mother tells anecdotes about her life and that of her family, but no one expected that on this occasion the matriarch of the dynasty would reveal when Chiquis Rivera told her that Lorenzo Mendez had hit him.

“Chiquis told me ‘it’s that he beat me grandmother’… how? Yes, he told me when I was doing this badly … he says ‘once he grabbed me and slapped me, I didn’t let myself down, I gave him too,’ he said, and I ‘how good’ “, began by telling Jenni Rivera’s mother very calmly while prepared to eat.

The violence that Lorenzo Méndez exerted on Chiquis Rivera was true

Lorenzo Méndez hit Chiquis Rivera

The fragment of the video where Jenni Rivera’s mother confesses that about Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez, was shared by the Instagram account of ‘Chamonic’ where you can read in the description: “Chiquis confessed to me that her husband slapped her ! Obviously the husband was Lorenzo. She also replied that she does not know if Jacqie is separating again, but she says that if they are going to fight and her children are watching it, it is better that they are not together ”, you can read.

But things did not stop there, because Mrs. Rosa continued narrating: “I didn’t know what to say, it’s wrong or not, but I told her if there were already those problems so that they fight and hit each other, I said no …”, advising her granddaughter Chiquis Rivera not to endure violence, as happened with her mother Jenni.

Jenni Rivera’s mother told her granddaughter not to endure violence from Lorenzo Méndez

Jenni Rivera's mother told the intimacy of Chiquis and Lorenzo Méndez

“I tell her you can put up with a hungry man, you can put up with poverty but no blows, so that’s why I think she didn’t like violence because she saw violence in her house, so you know that you shouldn’t put up with it, Jenni never she held on, if they wanted to slap her, take care because she is going to give them back, she said, not one of them was left … “, she commented.

The comments of the people before the tremendous statements were immediate: “Well, everything can be but how they handle themselves they are capable of inventing anything, you don’t know, one thing is that she told them that to cover up how she was unleashed with Mr. Tempo to make it true what happened, so if you notice that they begin to see that something is going well for him and they begin to speak something bad about him, they should let him continue ”.

People are surprised by the statements of Jenni Rivera’s mother

Mom Jenni Rivera

More comments appeared before the statements of Jenni Rivera’s mother: “If you are going to talk about Lorenzo, let him also count how Ángel Del Villar mistreated and deceived Chiquis in his own face”, “Because the lady only talks about the Jenni’s children ?? Why don’t you talk about the lives of the other grandchildren ?? “,” They should already let these brothers live in peace !! .. Pink lady with all due respect, instead of helping, you make things worse … look for more entertainment since cooking doesn’t work for you !!! ”.

“Ps we already knew, but this proves it. I’m glad that Chiquis was able to put an end to it! And that means that what CLAUDIA GALVAN said was also true. ” This lady out loud said that she never saw anything and Chiquis never told her ANYTHING “,” I think it was Ángel del Villar, “they said. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT LADY ROSA SAID

The real reasons why Chiquis Rivera separated from Lorenzo Méndez

Lorenzo Méndez would have hit Chiquis

Did Lorenzo Méndez really hit Chiquis Rivera? The singer originally from the United States, Lorenzo Méndez confessed exclusively if it was really he who beat Chiquis Rivera at the moment he arrived home drunk and drugged, as his younger brother, Johnny López affirms.

It was a few months ago when Jenni Rivera’s youngest son, Johnny López, also Chiquis Rivera’s brother, revealed to the press that his former brother-in-law, Lorenzo Méndez, had beaten and spat Chiquis Rivera, confessing that he even did it in front of him, causing the annoyance of the smallest of the Rivera.

Lorenzo Méndez speaks exclusively to Tell me what you know

Lorenzo Méndez tells the truth about Johnny López and his relationship with Chiquis Rivera
VIDEO: Instagram

On August 2, the show program of the chain of Telemundo, drop the soup, revealed that they had an exclusive interview with the former vocalist of the Original Banda El Limón, Lorenzo Méndez, where the host Juan Manuel Cortes would ask him everything about his professional life, and even love.

In the first part of this interview, the singer confessed that Chiquis Rivera had spoken to him a few days ago when he was drunk, even arguing that Emilio Sánchez, the photographer Janney is currently with, was up to his friend, however, these are not would be the only statements that Lorenzo would make about his relationship with the singer.

Did he really hit her? Lorenzo Méndez tells the whole truth about his relationship with Chiquis Rivera

Lorenzo Méndez tells the truth about Johnny López and his relationship with Chiquis Rivera
VIDEO: Instagram

And it is that, after Johnny López confessed that Lorenzo Méndez had beaten his older sister Chiquis Rivera, there was much speculation about this, where followers argued that it was very possible, since they commented that the singer did have control problems However, others confessed that they were more of the lies of Jenni Rivera’s son.

However, thanks to this interview, all doubts could be clarified, and Lorenzo Méndez finally broke the silence regarding this situation. In the previews provided by the program’s Instagram account Tell me what you know, You can see how the driver Juan Manuel asked Lorenzo if this was true, triggering endless comments about it.

Johnny López and Lorenzo Méndez never got along

Tells the truth about Johnny López and their relationship
VIDEO: Instagram

In a video, the driver reiterated that he had to clarify this, since the problems between Johnny Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez had been seen from the beginning when the singer and Chiquis Rivera were married, and that is in one of those anecdotes , Juan Manuel recounted the time in which Lorenzo himself detailed several of these problems:

“I had to clarify this, and the fact is that Johnny and Lorenzo were not getting along is no secret, let’s remember that time in May 2020, when Lorenzo had arrived from Paso Texas, he arrived at his married house, at Chiquis’s house and he had to jump over the fence to get in because he didn’t have the keys with him, and when he came in Johnny was there ”.

Johnny López confesses that Lorenzo Méndez beat his sister Chiquis Rivera

Tells the truth about Johnny López and their relationship
VIDEO: Instagram

Given this, the driver of Tell me what you know, Juan Manuel questioned him why Chiquis Rivera’s brother, Johnny López, did not open the door for him then, however Lorenzo Méndez did not give more details, always staying on the sidelines and not saying or getting involved in these kinds of aspects.

After this, in this interview released on August 2, the journalist also questioned whether it was true what Chiquis Rivera’s younger brother pointed out about him, questioning the following to Lorenzo: “Johnny said that you, after having consumed cocaine You spat in Chiquis’s face and hit him ”.

“Chiquis has a strong character”, confesses Lorenzo Méndez before the accusations of Johnny López

Tells the truth about Johnny López and their relationship
VIDEO: Instagram

Given this statement, Juan Manuel cited the words that Lorenzo Méndez used to answer his question: “Chiquis has a very strong character, if I had mistreated or beaten her, she would not have left”, confessed the singer after the question about whether it was true that he had beaten Chiquis Rivera as his brother Johnny López claimed.

This idea generated endless comments about it, where followers of Tell me what you know They were happy, arguing that Lorenzo Méndez was finally able to separate from Chiquis Rivera completely: “How good that Lorenzo Méndez left Chiquis and that family completely and looks happier.” YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE Some images of this note come from this and this videos

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