Chiquis Rivera was on a sexy latex kitty for a day

Does nothing Chiquis Rivera placeholder image He exploited social networks by undressing and painting his body blue to play Mystique from the X-Men, this for Halloween. But precisely those sensual images have brought out an outfit that the daughter of Jenni Rivera, Chiquis, with whom she was a sexy latex kitten for a day.

Without extensions, with wavy hair and covered in latex, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image He was back in the forefront of Instagram when his fans brought up the fitted sexy kitten outfit that Chiquis Rivera wore on another occasion that he had to disguise himself. Obviously, the jumpsuit was made of latex. Material that is being widely used again by the famous and one of the favorites of Chiquis Rivera placeholder image when it comes to showing off your curves.

The pants he wore were made of latex Chiquis Rivera placeholder image recently in Texas. With it he raised his little leg, wagged his tail and toasted with all his Uforia Fest audience, unleashing the charm of those present. During this presentation, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image She was rebuked by some means, because she ran out of air at some point in a song. She herself said that the place was very hot and her wardrobe, although very sexy, made the situation worse. But the most important thing is that Chiquis Rivera placeholder imageVery humbly as he has always done, he said that he is still studying and learning and the truth is that his success in this regard speaks for itself.

The Latin Grammy winner does not stop reaping triumphs. He has a television program called “Lo Mejor de Ti” that comes out on NBC Universo, and he also released his most recent book “Unostoppable”. He hosted the 2021 Radio Awards, where he showed a bit of up and down. She is an ambassador for beauty products and has her own makeup line. He is an influencer and also an icon of Latin women who, through his actions, empowers many more. There is no doubt that Chiquis Rivera is one of the favorite personalities of this 2021.

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