Chiquis Rivera wiggles the rear with transparent pants and left her green thong on display

Singer Chiquis Rivera he already doubts if it is about sensuality and much less about fun. We recently talked about a video that had gone viral and where Chiquis she looked dizzy and even drunk, according to many. But of course, if she had enough reasons to celebrate. The night before, he showed off driving the 2021 Premios Juventud and had nothing to envy presenters of the stature of Alejandra Espinoza and Zuleyka Rivera. Now a video also comes out the next day where Chiquis Rivera shakes the rear while dancing as only she knows and using a transparent pants that revealed the minimal green thong she was wearing.

Obviously, this set social media on fire. Fans and haters did not stop commenting on the video. “She is a woman”, “What curves, my mother, as the doctor prescribed it to me”, “How wonderful to see that she enjoys herself without needing to be removed”, said the most fervent to Chiquis. “Poor pants, it’s going to break”, “I should be ashamed, because she doesn’t have the body for that”, “She no longer knows how to draw attention to the poor thing”, were the comments of those who do not agree with the things she does . Still, the furor that caused this Chiquis Rivera’s transparent pants, the same that showed her thong and her rear, was big on social media.

What’s more, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image He threw a karate kick at the start of the video which made it very clear that curvy or not, his flexibility is immense. He also continued wagging her curves especially her rear, attribute that most flatters the daughter of the late Jenni Rivera.

Just days ago, a paparazzi managed to capture Chiquis with pants lace and no underwear. This obviously lit the hearts of many. There’s no doubt Chiquis Rivera placeholder image he knows very well how to manage his sensuality. By that time she had the same white lace outfit that she wears in the video where shake the rear, but we assume that minutes later he shed the green thong and the bathing suit itself.

They captured Chiquis Rivera without underwear.
They captured Chiquis Rivera without underwear. / The Grosby Group

TO Chiqus Rivera she loves this thing about wearing outfits that are so, but so sexy that wearing underwear is almost sacrilege for her. Right at the 2021 Premios Juventud, she wore a dress with openings on all sides that also showed that she was not wearing underwear, thus taking away almost all the compliments of the night, as did her friend and also a singer. Karol G that she wore a transparent dress that showed her thong.

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