Chiquis Rivera’s brother accuses Lorenzo Méndez of bewitching the singer

Jenni Rivera’s daughter, Chiquis, has given much to talk about ever since before the death of one of the greatest representatives of banda music, going from video scandals to controversies around her romantic relationships.

Recently, what made the spotlights turn towards Chiquis Rivera was the publication of her autobiographical book, which has been strongly criticized by various entertainment figures of the stature of Maribel Guardia, who maintained that “you have to wait to tell your life”, referring to the fact that the singer is too young to have done this.

For their part, some of Chiquis Rivera’s haters have assured that they would not buy her book, an opinion that some television presenters have shared.

It all happens because, presumably, much of what is reflected in the book deals with how her relationship with Lorenzo Mendez was, a character whom his brothers accused of having performed… witchcraft.

During “Chisme No Like” program, it was revealed that Lorenzo Méndez is accused of having practiced witchcraft on Chiquis Rivera for approximately four years.

In some leaked conversations of Johnny López, Chiquis Rivera’s brother pointed out that “He did many things to Chiquis for four years, so that she would stay with Lorenzo Méndez”. In addition, he maintained that the way in which they bewitched her was through food.

He added that Lorenzo Méndez plays with black magic and that from the beginning it was his plans to work with Chiquis Rivera.

Until now, Lorenzo Méndez has not spoken about it, but according to his publications on social networks, he reveals secrets of his marriage with Chiquis Rivera with whom he would not have legally divorced yet, since there are economic interests between the two.

It should be noted that both, Rivera and Méndez, made news headlines since they got married. The former couple has not stopped bickering with each other to the differences they faced since they arrived at the altar.

While these situations are clarified, both Méndez and Chiquis remain focused on their respective careers. Lorenzo would be preparing a new material while Jenni Rivera‘s eldest daughter continues to live at the expense of her late mother’s fame.