Chiquis Rivera’s jumpsuit made her tail transparent and revealed her thong

The explosive Chiquis Rivera placeholder image returns once again to leave everyone with their jaws on the ground by doing a dance and posting it on their account Instagram. Very removed from grief, The singer and daughter of Jenni Rivera wore a black bodysuit that made her tail transparent and revealed a minimal thong she was wearing.

Obviously, this made his fans leave him hundreds of compliments, many of them even risque: “I need a hose with cold water to calm me down”, “What a great body, my mother”, “Chiquis leave everything and marry me”, “This A woman is going to give me a heart attack “,” The most perfect rear end of the show “,” The hottest of all “, and” A lot of curve and me without brakes “, were part of the sensations it caused Chiquis Rivera’s transparent jumpsuit that revealed the thong she was wearing underneath.

Just a few days ago, the brother of Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, Mighk Rivera, posted a message where he said: “Are you as fed up with my family’s my ****?” To which Chiquis replied: “I can’t even tell you how much.” This in terms of the conflicts that exist between the brothers of the deceased Jenni Rivera and the children of it. Apparently the difference intensified after Chiquis’s brothers requested an audit of Jenni Rivera’s companies, which were managed by “La Diva de la Banda’s” sister, Rosie Rivera, and her brother, Juan Rivera.

But this message from the brother of Chiquis Rivera placeholder image arises after their grandmother, Doña Rosa Rivera, said in a video that an ex of Chiquis Rivera placeholder image he had attacked her. The program Gossip No Like took up the words of madam Rosa and they said that: “Lorenzo Méndez is hard on drugs and that is why he would have hit Chiquis Rivera placeholder image“.

Apparently this would have been a trigger between Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez to end their relationship. It is not yet known if they have already signed the divorce but, after much discussion about it, everything indicates that Lorenzo agreed to conclude the process without demanding any conditions from Chiquis, such as not talking about him in his book or in any project he undertook .

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