Chivas and America launch “Classic without colors” in protest against violent acts

As part of a strategy to protest the recent violent events in the MX Leaguethe clubs Chivas and America released a joint statement to announce the measures of the “National Classic”.

Through the encouragement “A Classic without Colors”the two largest teams in Mexican soccer intend to send a message of peace and security so that families continue to go to the stadiums for matches.

The “National Classic” will have a strong security device, which is budgeted to have at least 1,400 police officers in the vicinity of the Akron Stadium in Jalisco.

“Clásico sin Colores” in protest against violent acts in Liga MX

A “Clásico sin Colores” in protest against violent acts in Liga MX When is the ‘Clásico Nacional’ between Chivas and América played?

In an unprecedented event, the directives of the “Sacred Flock” and of the “Eagles of America” announced the initiative “A Classic without colors”made with which they make a call to maintain peace in soccer stadiums.

“We want the Akron Stadium and the Azteca Stadium to be an example of tranquility and respect for all, where peaceful coexistence among fans is the most important value, as it has been for years,” they added.

In addition, both teams asked their respective affines to attend the meeting wearing a white shirtleaving aside the classic cream-blue and red-and-white colors.

“As part of this campaign, as a symbol of solidarity and support for the victims of the violence of recent days, we invite all the fans who attend the National Classic to do so dressed in white,” the statement added.

With this, the winners of Mexico intend to send a positive message after the violent events that took place last weekend at the La Corregidora stadium in Querétaro.

When is the ‘Clásico Nacional’ between Chivas and America played?

When is the ‘Clásico Nacional’ between Chivas and America played?

As we have previously informed you in AmericanPost.Newsthe “Clásico de Clásicos” will be played normally and will not be postponed as many were indicating.

The Chivas and America this will be played saturday march 12 on the field of Akron Stadiuma game in which the capacity of police elements will be reinforced.

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