Chivas does not have a plan B before a possible departure of Alexis Vega

The environment that lives in Chivas is of concern, because the ’10’ of the herd, Alexis Vega, could go abroad and it is feared that he will not be able to replace him.

After the brilliant performance of the Mexican striker at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, there is the possibility that a team from abroad may want to take it away.

In fact, the same Chivas board is aware of the prominent role that Vega played and that his departure could come this same semester.

In this sense, and given the imminent possibility that they will present an offer to the herd for Vega, the team would agree to sell its player only if the offer is convenient for the club, because they already learned the lesson after the departure of José Juan Macías to Getafe in Spain.

However, so far no formal offer has come from any club for Alexis Vega, but in case one arrives, they will analyze it carefully but they will try to ensure that the player remains in Chivas.

It must be remembered that the herd is going through a tough time economically due to the ravages caused by the pandemic. This has prevented him from strengthening himself, so it is not a priority that his main figures go to other teams.

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