Chloe Cherry ended up in the series ‘Euphoria’ after the director, Sam Levinson, discovered her on Instagram

Chloe Cherry is one of the talents on the HBO series Euphoria.

Photo: Eddy Chen/HBO/Courtesy

The cast of ‘Euphoria’ is made up of several young people who had no prior acting experience before making their debut as actors in this HBO drama. The additions to the second season have followed the same line with the signing of Dominic Fike, who is in charge of giving life to Elliot and until now he was known only for his career as a musician, or elde Chloé Cherrywho has joined the cast as a young drug addict named Fraye after rising to fame in the adult film industry.

In her case, she has a surprising connection to the popular series, since before taking on her role she had shot a parody with adult-only content. inspired by the love story between the protagonist Rue, played by Zendaya, and her friend Jules. This erotic version is based on a real scene between the two characters, albeit taking their interaction one step further than what was originally shown on camera.

When you do a por*o parody, the best way to do it is with scenes like that, where it’s hinted that they’re about to have sex.“Cherry explained in statements to Nylon magazine. “That’s normally what people would want to see. The fans really liked it. They thought it was amazing.”

Cherry ended up working on ‘Euphoria’ after series director Sam Levinson discovered her via Instagram. and decided to give him the opportunity to audition, and ironically now he shares a plane with Zendaya herself because their paths cross several times in fiction.

In her opinion, acting in adult productions or in a mainstream series is not too different and she has been delighted with the experience, especially since she was allowed to improvise many of the most iconic parts of her dialogue.