Chris Noth Denies Sexual Assault Allegations Against Women

After the cases of sexual assault and harassment by the actor were made known Chris Noth from Sex and the city Against two women, The Hollywood Reporter portal made the 67-year-old artist’s position public.

As we previously disclosed in AmericanPost.News, the actor who gives life to ‘Mr. Big ‘in the remake And Just Like That was singled out by two women, who claimed to have been sexually abused by Noth at different times in 2004 and 2015.

After the accusations of sexual assault, various media leaked an alleged message sent by the star in which he rejected these accusations, a situation that generated controversy on social networks.

Chris Noth Denies Sexual Abuse Against Women

The actor was singled out for sexual abuse and harassment. The Sex and the City actor with his wife.

One of the victims who said he was a journalist contacted The Hollywood Reporter where he issued his position after learning of the actor’s return to the screen for the remake of Sex and the City.

Meanwhile, the second woman said that the alleged abuse occurred when she was 25 and the actor 60. According to her account, after dinner, both went to Noth’s apartment, where the raped. The next day he received a voicemail saying, “I hope you didn’t take last night the wrong way.”

In the exchange of messages you can read that the actor says: “I think we had a lot of fun but I’m not sure how you felt.” To which the woman replied: “I really enjoyed your company and we had a good conversation (…) but I I felt slightly used”.

“The accusations against me made by people I knew years, even decades ago, are categorically false (…) It does not always mean no, that is a line that I did not cross. The meetings were consensual (…) I do not know for sure why they are appearing now, but I do know this: I did not attack these women, “said the actor in the midst of the scandal.

Who is Chris Noth’s wife?

The Sex and the City actor with his wife.

Noth met the actress Tara lynn wilson, his current wife, while working at the bar at The Cutting Room. The couple began dating in 2002 and married on April 6, 2012. Seven years later, in 2019 they confirmed that they were expecting a second child, Keats, who was born on February 18, 2020. Currently, actor Chris Noth was part of the cast of remake And Just Like That; her character died on the series amid allegations of sexual abuse.

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