Chris Noth is eliminated from the final chapter of And Just Like That

SPOILER ALERT! After the actor Chris Noth It was dstatement of alleged sexual abuse and assault various women, the production of the series And Just Like That supposedly has decided eliminate what would be the last appearance of his character “Mr. Big ” at final chapter from the first season.

How we report in AmericanPost.News, it was recently revealed that Noth was fired from the series “The Equalizer” for the sexual scandal she faces. And now, HBO Max has also decided to delete the actor from the final episode of the reboot of Sex and the city.

Possibly this decision was made because it is rumored that the series And Just Like That could be canceled, if the actor continues to be part of the project despite the accusations against him.

We may no longer see Chris Noth in And Just Like That

The actor may not be in the last episode / Photo: News The series will end its first season in February / Photo: Hello

One of the great surprises that this series has left us so far was the death of Mr. Big (Chris Noth) at the end of his first episode. The plan to have him again is that appeared in a fantasy that Carrie would have during her visit to Paris to scatter the ashes of her beloved.

However, the TV Line site notes that the team behind the Sarah Jessica Parker-starring show concluded that the narrative weight of this scene was not significant enough to make it impossible to leave the actor out of the episode.

It has been noted that the end was not completely closed before the complaints of alleged sexual assault by Noth were made public, but it is clear that much has not helped and that perhaps the decision would have been different in another situation.

When does the first season of And Just Like That end?

The series will end its first season in February / Photo: Hello

The final episode of “And Just Like That …” will premiere on Thursday, February 3 on the HBO Max platform, and fans will finally be able to see if the Chris Noth scene has really been removed from the last chapter or if they decided to leave Big’s character at that point.

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