Christian Cueva and his spicy reaction with his physical trainer after losing in soccer tennis: “Today I contract the VAR” | VIDEO

christian cave, steering wheel peruvian national team, has not stopped training before facing the tough matches of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers. And he does so under the advice of Joseph Neyra, your personal physical trainer.

‘Aladino’, in a time of relaxation with Neyra, was encouraged to play a game of soccer and tennis. However, the game was filled with complaints and jokes, because both Cueva and “teacher” Neyra did not want to lose.

Through his Instagram account, the coach shared a video where he played the classic tennis soccer with the team midfielder. ‘Cuevita’ claimed at all times that the ball came out of the quadrant they had framed.

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The Al-Fateh midfielder stopped the game at all times to tell Neyra that she was cheating. “You are shameless”, Christian is heard saying at one point. “You are very cheating, you are very cheating”, he added.

At the end of the video, Cueva takes the physical trainer’s cell phone and suggests reviewing the tennis soccer plays that Neyra ended up winning.

“Today I contract the VAR, because with this man, with the face of a little angel, I fell with the cheating”, He said.