Christian de la Campa and Cristina Eustace had little love outside of La Casa de los Famosos

Their love died. It seems that Christian de la Campa and Cristina Eustace’s love did not last long outside of La Casa de los Famosos. Since the actor was left out of the competition and was eliminated by Alicia Machado and Manelyk González, many said that his face no longer showed interest in Cristina Eustace. Some even said that he really liked it, and in the end it was Mane. Nothing ever happened between them. But some believed to see interest or hear interest in him when the young influencer and actress was talked about during the program, on the sofa of the eliminated with Héctor Sandarti.

But, for whatever reason it is Christian de la Campa and Cristina Eustace it has already been. It’s over. Finite. No more. She made it clear herself in her recent interview on Telemundo’s Hoy Día. He told Chiquibaby that his relationship with the actor is pure friendship. That both are involved in their careers and that they are also really physically separated, since they do not live in the same city.

Some believe that all this is more for Christian de la Campa, than for the singer, since he was more discouraged than her. Cristina was always willing, happy and in love. He, on the other hand, never showed the same, at least once eliminated from reality.

On the other hand, it seems that the worst thing Cristina Eustace could do is talk about Mane, because the influencer did not dedicate more than a few minutes to tell her, in other words, to turn the page. Her fans, on the other hand, do not stop emphasizing to the Mexican singer that Mane with this attitude and message simply “put her in her place,” they say.

“Did you see that Mane located you, Doña Eustacia? 🤣🤣 I wish everyone would put you in your place so that you can locate yourself ”, they point out to Eustace. In addition, so that the public does not remind him of everything he did and said in reality, and what is more, it seems that they do not forgive him. “Not that he likes to talk about“ De la Trampa ”-Christian de la Campa- but he likes to talk about the others and to suppose about the lives of others, remember when you spoke about Alicia DAREVIDA’s daughter”.

Her audience, on the other hand, continues to support her. And applauding him to focus on his music. While others no longer want to know anything about her: “Get out. We don’t want to see it enough on reality, we put up with it ”.

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