Christian Domínguez censors Pamela Franco’s clothes when she is not in Peru: “You are not going to go out like this because I am not here”

Singer Christian Domínguez He reappeared on television this January 10 as a guest of the program “+ Espectáculos”, where he not only spoke about his projects in music and television, but also gave details of his relationship Pamela Franco.

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After giving birth to her first daughter, Pamela Franco began a strict regime to regain her figure and Christian Domínguez supports her, but according to the singer, he not only helps her with her exercises and diet, but also with her outfits.

As the cumbia singer explained to the panel of the show program, Pamela Franco would eventually ask him which outfits are suitable to wear. However, one detail was not overlooked for Jazmín Pinedo and Natalie Vértiz.

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And it is that, according to Christian Domínguez said, sometimes he would prohibit his daughter’s mother from wearing some clothes because he is not present to take care of her.

“Sometimes I’m on a trip and he sends me a photo, he says: ‘Love, do I look good?’ I am not here”, Domínguez stated.

Faced with this comment, Jazmín Pinedo was surprised and made the gesture that she would launch a paper plane at her. “She can also take care of herself, just in case,” explained the popular ‘Chinita’.


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