Christian Domínguez grateful to Rafael Fernández for taking his son to the beach: “They are also his family”

Christian Domínguez has been showing that he has an excellent relationship with his ex-partner Karla Tarazona and her now husband Rafael Fernández. On several occasions the popular ‘Wachimán’ has shown his respect for the ‘King of Eggs’, whom he considers a ‘gentleman’, and also thanks him for providing security to his son with the announcer, Valentino.

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Now, the cumbiambero spoke about the first trip to the beach that his son made, along with his mother, his little brothers and his stepfather. “It is the treasure of his daddies, they are also his family, just thank them”he said in statements to the newspaper El Popular.

In addition, he clarified that he did not have to sign any permission to Karla Tarazona because that only happens when there are problems between the parents and they get along very well.

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Karla Tarazona, her husband Rafael Fernández and their three little children, two of Leonard León and one of Christian Domínguez, left the hubbub of the city to enjoy a few days of sand and sun on the beach during the first days of January 2022.

The radio host shared a photo of her family of five facing the sea and an emotional message welcoming the new year. “The family is like an indestructible chain, each link joined to the other makes it strong. Welcome 2022 to this year stronger than ever, learning from our mistakes and enjoying our triumphs. Take advantage of every moment of your life and remember: Life is a summary of 5 words God, health, love, joy and hope. May the first always take care of you and may you never miss the rest. Welcome 2022. Welcome all the good and wonderful that this year 2022 has in store, including the bad, in this life everything has a why and why, do not limit yourself LOVE LIVE ENJOY today we are here tomorrow only God knows ”, wrote.

In addition, in his Instagram stories, he showed how his little ones have fun on the beach and do not want to stop spending time in the sun. “The boys, since we arrived, no one takes them out of the sea, no one, so I don’t know how we are going to do it”, He said Karla Tarazona.

For its part, Rafael Fernandez He also used his social media to share how he spends time with his new family. In that sense, he revealed that it was the first time of the son of Christian dominguez on the beach. “Valentino’s first time on the beach”, he indicated enthusiastically.


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