Christian Domínguez on his future in ‘América Hoy’: “I don’t despair”

2021 ended and many shows went into recess to enjoy vacations and rethink their formats for the new year. One such entertainment space was “América Hoy”, of which a new season has been confirmed, but it is not yet revealed if all the drivers will remain, including Christian Domínguez.

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The América TV space, hosted by Ethel Pozo and Janet Barboza in the company of Édson Dávila and Christian Domínguez, has not yet summoned anyone to return to the screens, as the cumbia singer also made known.

In a recent interview with the newspaper El Popular, the singer expressed his desire to stay on the program; However, he clarified that he has not yet been summoned to the new season.

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“(Did they call you?) So far nothing, I don’t despair, I know that at some point they will. I love working with Ethel (Pozo), Janet (Barboza) and Giselo (Édson Dávila) ”, stated the cumbia interpreter.

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On the other hand, the singer recalled his past as a reality boy and did not rule out that this year he may again wear a uniform with the “This is war” shield.

“I do not close anything that has to do with work, if they call me I will evaluate the proposal, I am still a super competitive person, that more challenges come to me this 2022”, Domínguez specified.


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