Christian model Lindsay Capuano shows her rear in a miniskirt and flossing thong

Lindsay capuano He shared some images for the heart attack on his official Instagram account, with which he once again made it clear that he is the owner of a voluptuous and truly spectacular anatomy.

This Wednesday the Christian model originally from Connecticut, United States, delighted the pupil of her 3.4 million followers through a series of postcards in which she appears with a schoolgirl look consisting of: white stockings and a leather miniskirt with the that showed off her voluptuous rear and floss-like thong.

“I’m in your class wyd? 🤓📚 ”, is the short text that accompanies the publication that in just a few minutes managed to get more than 92 thousand likes and hundreds of compliments.

“You are the most wonderful woman 😍😍”, “You have a perfect butt 🍑🤤” and “Your whole body is a true work of art 🔥🔥”, are some of the compliments they wrote to the curvy woman.

(Swipe to see the photos)

Before interacting on social media and becoming an OnlyFans model, Lindsay Capuano worked as a clerk at a Christian daycare, but wanted to quit and dedicate herself full time to adult platforms, where her popularity continues to skyrocket.

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