Christian Nodal and Belinda show off their exotic trip in Colombia in style

Those who have had a great time these days have been Belinda and Christian nodal, who are in Colombia enjoying not only the beginning of this 2022, but the great love that the couple of fiancées have who always give what to talk about before the media.

In social networks a video circulates where Belinda appears enjoying the jacuzzi, while Christian Nodal gives his beloved a drink the best of all is that the couple appears on a luxurious yacht in the middle of the sea to forget about the paparazzi and that is how It was said previously, they have been highly sought after by the media, since they are the couple of the moment.

Another thing that has attracted attention is how this romance has lasted, because Belinda usually always ends very quickly with her partners, but this love has become one of the longest, so much so that they already plan a wedding, Although it is still unknown what date it will be, his fans hope it will be soon.

“The best couple I love to see that they took the time to rest, after all the work these days”, “They are loas beautiful, they are the example of love and like every woman would like to be treated”, “What a beautiful couple they I wish a year full of love, happiness and prosperity that they continue together for many more years and that love continues to break down barriers. They are my idols, “write the networks.

In addition, the relationship between the in-laws of this couple is very good, because on more than one occasion the Bella Traición interpreter has shared some videos of how she gets along with Christian Nodal‘s mother, in addition to her sister-in-law who loves the pretty woman a lot singer.

SAT problems

Despite the millionaire fiscal problem that Belinda faces at the moment, she is far from worrying and is enjoying a wonderful vacation, although upon her arrival in Mexico the lawsuit she faces could begin, as if that were not enough, the fans of this beautiful woman are determined as always to support her until the end.

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