Christian Nodal and Cazzu are now parents: They posted a photo on Instagram but did not reveal the baby’s name or gender

Christian Nodal and Cazzu's baby girl was born during the New Moon in Virgo and under the same zodiac sign.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu, the celebrated musical duo, joyfully announced the birth of their baby on September 14. The timing couldn’t have been more poetic, with the little one’s arrival coinciding with the New Moon in Virgo.

The proud parents haven’t officially disclosed the name or gender of their newborn. However, Nodal inadvertently let slip in a previous conversation that they expected a girl. Adding to the intrigue, there have been hints that the chosen name has lunar connotations, though the specifics remain under wraps.

An Intimate Glimpse into Their Happiness

Cazzu and Christian Nodal (@nodal / Instagram)
Cazzu and Christian Nodal (@nodal / Instagram)

The couple gave their fans a tender sneak peek into their joy, sharing an evocative photograph on their Instagram accounts. The image captures their hands intertwined with their baby’s tiny fingers. The date “14.09.2023” graces the photo’s description, followed by a radiant sun emoji, perhaps symbolizing their bright new chapter.

Given the early and smooth announcement, it’s inferred that both mother and daughter are healthy.

This is the Instagram photo with the newborn.

Nodal and Cazzu’s relationship trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric. Their romance blossomed in June 2022, shortly after Nodal’s much-publicized split with 34-year-old Belinda. As whispers of a budding relationship turned into louder speculations, Cazzu confirmed her pregnancy during an April 15, 2023, concert, revealing that the couple was set to welcome their first child.

This announcement came mere months into their relationship, and now, as of September 14, their family has grown by one.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu (@cazzu / Instagram).
Christian Nodal and Cazzu (@cazzu / Instagram).

While Christian Nodal and Cazzu have chosen to remain reticent about further details concerning the birth, they’ve been inundated with warm wishes and congratulations from fans and peers alike. This musical couple is now harmonizing to the sweetest tune of all.