Christian Nodal and Cazzu enjoyed Marc Anthony’s concert in the front row

The singer Marc Anthony has been on tour for a few months with his #PallaVoyTourwhere he has had the opportunity not only to visit the European continent, but also some Latin American countries where many have stated that they are concerts of quality and passion delivered by the salsero.

this time Christian Nodal and his girlfriend Cazzu enjoyed in the front row the show offered by the interpreter of ‘Flor pálida’ last Monday at the ‘Movistar Arena’, Argentina, because they seemed to be special guests, because they could see them in the front row according to the videos they posted on social networks.

Since the time they saw them in Antigua Guatemala, the couple have not minded continuing to show themselves in public and spend time doing what they like best, since the musical genres that they both sing are completely different, although it is indisputable that their love for salsa it is mutual.

The trapper through her stories on the Instagram social network shared part of the show, while she was singing one of the most successful musical themes of “Flaco”, as she left it evident while she recorded herself singing ‘Tu amor me bien’, and it could have been dedicated to her boyfriend.

The Mexican also captured the moment and shared it with his more than 9.3 million followers on the social network of the camera, and that is also He added a message to the audiovisual because he wrote: “I love you king @marcanthony”. Later, Jennifer Lopez’s ex-partner made the decision to approach where they were to greet them from the stage and before leaving, she blew a kiss at the camera.

It would not be the first time that they are seen together during a concert because at the end of last July, they both attended the show that Wisin and Yandel gave as part of their farewell for all the years of their career. In addition, after some videos that went viral, it is possible to appreciate when the girlfriend of the Mexican regional music singer does a sensual dance for him.

Besides, it was on that occasion that they ruled out the rumors that existed of an alleged pregnancy of CazzuWell, they filtered several audiovisuals where he is seen smoking.

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