Christian Nodal and Cazzu plan to tour the US in an RV with their newborn

Christian Nodal and Cazzu adapt to parenthood, choose unique touring method, and reveal upcoming music projects in Vogue Mexico interview.

Christian Nodal, the 24-year-old musical sensation, and his partner Cazzu, 29, are eagerly awaiting a significant change in their lives: the arrival of their first child. The couple is all set to welcome a baby girl, a delightful result of their unexpected romance.

Having successfully navigated the challenges of their professional careers, the couple has recently been grappling with how to juggle the demands of new parenthood while remaining dedicated to their fans. Their solution, as revealed in a recent interview with Vogue Mexico, is both innovative and heartwarming: they plan to tour the U.S. in an RV.

This decision will not only allow them to enjoy the transformative moments of their daughter’s infancy but will also let them stay true to their musical commitments.

Christian Noda and Cazzu in the video Cazzualidades (YouTube / Video Cazzualidades )
Christian Noda and Cazzu in the video Cazzualidades (YouTube / Video Cazzualidades )

“It’s going to be a precious moment,” Christian Nodal shared, his enthusiasm evident. For him, the RV represents a way to balance the two most treasured aspects of his life: his new family and his passion for music.

A New Journey Beckons

This touring plan also offers Nodal a unique opportunity. He’s excited about the chance to experience America more intimately, and what’s even more special, he will do it alongside Cazzu. Cazzu, who has been a beacon of solace and love for him, especially after his split with former partner Belinda.

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Nodal imagines this journey as a gateway to discovering new locales, meeting diverse people, and sampling natural foods, all in the company of the two people who mean the most to him.

Cazzu and Christian Nodal in a sensual pose (screenshot / Cazzu Instagram @cazzu)
Cazzu and Christian Nodal in a sensual pose (screenshot / Cazzu Instagram @cazzu)

New Music on the Horizon

But before they hit the road, fans of Christian Nodal have another treat in store. The artist has announced a new album set for release on September 16. This album promises exciting collaborations with emerging talents.

Furthermore, Nodal’s fans can mark their calendars for another musical milestone. Alongside his U.S. tour, he has plans for a 2024 album release, named ‘Forajidos’. This forthcoming work is expected to feature duets with some of the music industry’s iconic names.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu at Foro Sol (Special)
Christian Nodal and Cazzu at Foro Sol (Special)

With the birth of their daughter, the start of a new touring adventure, and fresh music in the pipeline, it seems like Christian Nodal and Cazzu are all set to embark on an exhilarating chapter of their lives.