Christian Nodal and Cazzu’s baby girl not born yet, confirms Nodal’s PR team

Nodal's PR team dispels the buzz, and assures fans that the anticipated firstborn of the Sonoran singer and Cazzu is still awaited.

It was this weekend when rumors about the birth of Christian Nodal and Cazzu’ s baby started to get stronger and stronger after the singer from Sonora canceled a public engagement he had, so it was suspected that the couple could have welcomed their firstborn.

UPDATE: Cazzu gives birth to Christian Nodal’s baby – official announcement on Instagram

Despite all the controversy, the El Heraldo Digital team spoke directly with Christian Nodal‘s team to learn more about this happy news, and they revealed the truth about what was going on.

Is Nodal and Cazzu’s baby girl born yet?

As we mentioned before, the El Heraldo Digital team contacted the Sonoran singer’s work team directly to ask if the news about the birth of Nodal and Cazzu’s baby is true or not.

Due to the above, the NICO PR team strongly denied this information because, at the moment, the singer is only on vacation, but his firstborn is not yet born.

“It is totally false,” commented the NICO PR team.

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It is worth mentioning that the rumor began to circulate after the singer of songs such as “Cazzualidades,” “Botella tras Botellas,” and “Aquí abajo,” among others, canceled his participation in the MLB All-Star softball game in Seattle, which he had been confirmed weeks ago along with other famous artists.

As of this writing, neither Christian Nodal nor Cazzu has commented on the rumors of the birth of their baby. However, a few hours ago, the singer became active on social networks to share his upcoming concert in Lima, Peru.

This is how they announced that they would be parents

In mid-April, Nodal and Cazzu announced that they would soon be parents; the singers shared it each in their respective countries, in their shows, and with their audience.

While Cazzu performed in an imposing venue in Argentina, the trapper was seen with a big belly, and while Nodal in a palenque in Mexico said that he was no longer a daddy but that now he was going to be a daddy.

Days after confirming that they would be dads, due to the excitement, Nodal had the indiscretion to reveal the sex of their baby, so he said they would have a girl.