Christian Nodal appears with a worrying spill in one eye and clarifies what happened to him

Christian Nodal He is one of the exponents of regional Mexican music that continually captures the spotlight, but sometimes it is not precisely because of his undoubted vocal talent, but because of his love scandals and the constant criticism he receives. That is why he recently used his social networks to answer some questions from his fans, where He referred in a special way to a spill in the eye that apparently has them very worried.

It was exactly through the stories of his official Instagram account, where the singer from Caborca, Sonora, responded to those who have questioned him about the appearance of one of his eyes, because in recent days he has been seen with a hemorrhage in the white part of the eye and that, as stated by the artist, is due to one of the side effects you face during the process of quitting smoking.

“I have seen that they are very concerned about the issue of my little eye. Thank you very much for worrying about me. I’ll tell you a little bit: what happens is that when I smell the cigarette it makes me want to vomit and I don’t know how to vomit, vomiting is very bad for me“He stated in the sequence.

The interpreter of “Bottle after bottle” explained that the bleeding began due to the series of efforts he makes when he feels nauseated.

“I am in that process and Since I don’t know how to vomit, I make a lot of facial effort and then the cups on my face and eyes burst and so on.“, he pointed out.

He added that, despite the inconveniences he faces, quitting smoking brought great benefits to his health and mainly to his voice, so among his new habits is also starting to exercise.

“It is a change that had to happen, I’m singing more beautiful. In a short time I’m going to start exercising and stuff, my body is thanking you“, he added.

Let us remember that it was last May 14, when through his Twitter account Christian Nodal confessed that he is fighting to leave his vices and the cigarette is one of them, because although he has been in the worst and best moments of his life, he is fed up with the necessary evils.

In the middle of the abstinence that he described as “hell”, he pointed out that he was not only referring to the cigarette, but also planned to leave behind absolutely everything that destroys, message that was taken by his followers as a hint for Belinda.

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