Christian Nodal as he supported Belinda financially out of jealousy and possessiveness

It seems that the controversy between Christian Nodal 23 years old, and Belinda, 32, will last a long time, because now it was revealed that the singer’s jealousy in the relationship was so great that he did not allow the beautiful girl to work for more than a year.

A friend of Belinda He told Tv Notas that Christian Nodal wants his ex-fiancée to look bad at all costs, because according to what he does not want them to realize how he treated her in the relationship, because the interpreter De Los Besos Que Te Di, forbade him to carry out projects of work, because he apparently would pay all their expenses while they were together.

And it is that the fans of Belinda knew the happiness that the young woman presented when she was Nodal’s girlfriend, but they began to notice that in her work things were very null, because the only thing she did was the series Welcome to Eden, in addition to a campaign advertising as a model, since from then on the young man supposedly did not want to see her with anyone else.

“If she wanted to do a project, he had to give her permission, that’s why Beli only did a series and a photo shoot for a year and a half. During their courtship she stopped earning income,” the source told Tv Notes , Well, apparently the one who controlled everything was the interpreter of the Mexican regional.

For those who do not know, everything got out of control through a comment that Belinda’s mother launched on networks, where her very upset ex-son-in-law showed a chat where she leaves between seeing that Belinda only wanted money, although the source pointed out that in that conversation Nodal deleted comments that he posted, so he ensures that the chat is edited.

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It is worth mentioning that Belinda, far from commenting or being defensive about the chat that her ex-fiancé leaked, has tried to be impartial to the media, because she is tired of said scandal, which has been in the world of entertainment for a few months now. where everything has been said.