Christian Nodal boasts how in love he is with Cazzu with this gesture

Everything seems to indicate that the romance between Christian Nodal and Cazzu is on the right track, because now the singer has already published his first Photography together on their social networks, shouting to their millions of followers how in love they are with Argentina.

In AmericanPost.News We have let you know that for a couple of months Christian Nodal and Cazzu have been seen together, however they had remained hermetic before the questions of a romance.

Let us remember that the Mexican singer assured that he was not interested in making his next relationships public, given the great controversy that he generated with Belinda, however now he shows that he has no problem showing off his courtship with Cazzu and monopolizes the gossip of the show business, with a romantic postcard.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu

What has happened between Christian Nodal and Cazzu? Christian Nodal on Instagram Christian Nodal was linked by several women after his separation from Belinda.

Recently Christian Nodal published a photograph in his Instagram stories, which would be the first with Cazzu, his current girlfriend.

In said postcard you can see the couple, holding hands, while enjoying a landscape on the beach and although Cazzu’s face cannot be distinguished, everything indicates that it would be the couple, making their courtship official before their millions of followers of Instagram.

Christian Nodal on Instagram Christian Nodal was linked by several women after his separation from Belinda.

As expected, the photograph quickly went viral, especially in the face of the controversy that Christian Nodal recently starred in, after they insulted Belinda and that he will react with a smile.

Similarly, Cazzu had already talked about their romance in front of the press, however Christian Nodal had remained hermetic on the subject.

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What did Christian Nodal do?

Christian Nodal was related by several women after his separation with Belinda.

Let us remember that after confirming his breakup with Belinda, Christian Nodal has been involved in many controversies, since he has made strong statements against his ex.

Similarly, after ending his commitment, Christian Nodal was related to several women, with whom he never confirmed a romance.

Singer Cazzu It would be his first official girlfriend Christian Nodal, after breaking his engagement with Belinda, and the Mexican has been seen very much in love.

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