Christian Nodal cancels another concert, is it the end of his career?

The Christian Nodal’s career is in danger because he is going through a very bad streak. Using his social media accounts, he announced that he was forced to cancel the concert that was scheduled in Medellin, Colombia, because there are things that are out of his reach.

After the breakup with Belinda, the life of the Mexican regional music singer has been involved in one problem after another. For example, the performance he gave in Chihuahua started four hours late. When he arrived on stage, he was booed by everyone present as they shouted the name of his ex-girlfriend.

For many, Nodal is pretending that he got over Belinda, because since they separated, the singer’s personal life and also his artistic career have been on the tightrope.

Christian Nodal could not get to his concert

The singer canceled his presentation in Colombia

As confirmed to AmericanPost.News the interpreter of ‘Adiós Amor’, had a presentation at the Atanasio Girardot stadium in Medellín, but could not make it to the appointment, and through his Instagram stories, he recorded a message apologizing to his Colombian fans for what happened.

“Today it is impossible for me to be there to sing to them. I’ve been trying to get there all day and it’s impossible for me to do it”.

He explained that he took two planes, there were technical failures and the weather was not in his favor, for all this, he asked his fans to understand the situation, because it got out of hand despite the fact that he was very excited to present him in Medellín, “and offer me an unforgettable night”.

He said that he will resume the date soon, but did not specify when, although with this it is clear that the Forajido Tour has been severely affected by the scandals and his career could be in danger.

What genre Christian Nodal represents?

His music crossed borders and was placed among the favorites

The singer is one of the greatest exponents of Mexican regional music, and since he began his career, he has become one of the public’s favorites, although for many people, his musical legacy is falling apart due to the scandals he has starred in.

The best songs by Christian Nodal remain valid among his followers, who are with him at all times despite the complications.