Christian Nodal caused controversy for his new tattoos on his face

Christian Nodal (Photo: Instagram / @nodal)

The renowned performer Christian Nodal, surprised his almost 8 million followers during the first week of February, because through his social networks The two new tattoos he made on his face went viral.

It was through his Instagram account that the interpreter of tell me how you want shared his two new impressions on the skin; the first is a rose lying horizontally below her right eye, while the second is on her other eye and could be a branch or a phrase, because it was not possible to distinguish perfectly because Nodal decided to use a filter on the photo he uploaded.

On different occasions, the interpreter of the Mexican regional has made it clear that he is a faithful follower of tattoos. This is not the first time that the interpreter has shared his more than 10 tattoos on social networks, among the ones who a cross, some spurs, a horseshoe, the word “outlaw”, a cross, a bag of money and a rose stand out.

Nodal Shows off his new tattoos on his face Photo: Instagram
Nodal Shows off his new tattoos on his face Photo: @nodal/ Instagram

While those related to his fiancée are the words “Utopia”, located on his forehead; “BELI”, close to the ear and the look of the Spanish that is captured in her chest.

The meaning of the tattoos that the native of Caborca, Sonora, has done, says a lot about the relationship he has with his current partner. On more than two occasions it has been proposed translate some messages on her body dedicated to the also interpreter.

The first time that Christian Nodal got a tattoo in honor of the singer of Love at first sight it was shortly after confirmed their relationship publicly in August 2020.

(Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)
(Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)

According to some of his fans, the first tattoo that the Mexican got in honor of his fiancee was “BELI” in black and is located next to his ear. Back then, the actress also shared it on Instagram and was accused of “tag all your boyfriends” with tattoos.

And it is that at that time there was a lot of criticism towards the couple since, in previous months, Lupillo Rivera Not only did he boast an apparent relationship with the pop singer, but he also had her face tattooed on his arm.

After passing the controversy, and a few months later, Christian Nodal decided to venture into something much bigger, more extensive and very showy; the singer tattooed the interpreter’s eyes Light without gravity, I will never fall in love again Y In Darkness on his chest.

(Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)
(Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)

Already with a more stable relationship, at the end of 2021 Nodal went to have another mark made on his skin in honor of his girlfriend, decided to name himself after the second studio album of the pop singer, Utopia, in red and with a heart located below in a part of his forehead.

In June 2021, the Mexican singer spoke about the controversy generated by his tattoos. It was during a press conference where the 23-year-old singer-songwriter decided to share the feeling that the tattoos cause in him: Tattoos make me very happy, I always tattoo things that make me happy”, he declared.

On that occasion, the artist shared that he was about to make an impression on his body in honor of where he grew up: “I tattooed the church where I am from, from Pueblo Viejo”, said the 22-year-old singer.


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