Christian Nodal celebrates Mexico with a homeage to Vicente Fernandez

Christian Nodal releases an iconic Mexican songs collection, celebrates Mexico's heritage, and announces the birth of his daughter.

In a heartwarming tribute to his country and the legends who have defined its music, Christian Nodal released a collection that has swiftly captivated audiences far and wide. Aptly named “México en mi Voz”, the collection features five iconic songs that have transcended borders, making the world sing along, regardless of nationality, language, or skin color.

The selected songs were meticulously chosen, showcasing Nodal’s deep reverence for the country’s musical heritage. Among the tracks are “Acá entre nos”, made famous by the legendary Don Vicente Fernández. Another standout, “La Ley del Monte”, showcases Nodal’s ability to breathe new life into classic hits.

Yet, it’s not just about the renowned tunes. Every track tells a story, with “Mujeres Divinas” being a testament to the power of Mexican music, having been sung by luminaries like Martin Urieta and once again, Don Vicente Fernandez.

In a nod to the greats, Nodal also included “La Media Vuelta”, crafted and performed by the late maestro of Mexican music, José Alfredo Jiménez. Not to be overlooked is the timeless “Ya lo sé que tú te vas” by the unparalleled Juan Gabriel.

For Nodal, this project is more than just a musical venture. It’s a way to give back to Mexico, the country that has given him so much throughout his life and career.

A multimedia celebration

The release wasn’t just confined to music streaming platforms. Nodal took to the streets, from Mexico City to Times Square, bringing the celebratory spirit of the launch to life. Each song was accompanied by a music video, further solidifying Nodal’s commitment to honoring his roots and the inspirations behind his successful career in Regional Mexican music.

While the world celebrates Nodal’s musical tribute, he has another reason to be jubilant. The singer from Caborca, Sonora revealed the arrival of his baby girl, a joyous occasion he shared with fans on social media. While the baby’s name remains a mystery, Nodal hinted in a past conversation with a fan about the possibility of naming her “Nirvana”. Both Nodal and partner Cazzu announced the baby’s birth on Instagram, marking the date as September 14, 2023.

With this dual celebration of personal and professional milestones, Christian Nodal continues to resonate with fans worldwide, cementing his status as a leading figure in the world of music.