Christian Nodal could be sued by Texas radio host Raúl Brindis for threats to his wife, Lilian Brindis after an interview

Christian Nodal is in trouble for threatening a radio host in Houston, Texas, after an uncomfortable question he was asked during a scheduled interview.

According to information revealed by the well-known Latino celebrity influencer Chamonic, 23-year-old Christian Nodal got upset and even snatched the radio host’s wife’s cell phone and asked her to delete the video.

The celebrities in Houston, Texas, shared that they had a hard time with Christian Nodal, and he immediately threatened her not to reveal the video of the rant.

Christian Nodal
Christian Nodal (@nodal/Instagram)

Now, attorney Guillermo Pous, representing the Houston, Texas broadcaster, is preparing to sue the singer for threats.

Christian Nodal made a rant at broadcaster Raúl Brindis and his wife Lilian Brindis.

Christian Nodal’s fame has already gone up? The singer reportedly made a rude rant to Raul Brindis, a radio host in Houston, Texas and his wife Lilian Brindis, known as ‘Soy Regia’.

Raúl Brindis, broadcaster in Houston, Texas. (@raulbrindis)
Raúl Brindis, a broadcaster in Houston, Texas. (@raulbrindis)

According to information shared by Chamonic, Lilian Brindis, known as ‘Soy Regia,’ and her husband, Raul Brindis, attended Christian Nodal’s dressing room for an interview on October 16.

She claims the interview was arranged because Raul Brindis requested it for his radio show in Houston, Texas.

While the interview was taking place, ‘Soy Regia’ was recording with her cell phone and even captured when the singer made the rant to her husband.

Lilian Brindis 'Soy Regia', wife of Raúl Brindis. (@soyregia/Instagram)
Lilian Brindis ‘Soy Regia,’ wife of Raúl Brindis. (@soyregia/Instagram)

The interview would have allegedly gotten out of control when Raúl Brindis asked Christian Nodal an uncomfortable question, which led him to “snatch her cell phone.”

“They asked Lilian to stop recording and delete the video, and although she did so, it remained archived in the cloud.”

Lilian Brindis in the words of Chamonic.

Christian Nodal for fear of being exposed, threatens Lilian Brindis ‘Soy Regia’.

After the rant that Christian Nodal and his work team put together to Raúl Brindis and his wife Lilian Brindis, he was about to be exhibited when…

As ‘Soy Regia’ still had the video of the moment of Christian Nodal’s rant, she posted on her social media account in advance what she had experienced.

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However, when Christian Nodal and his team realized what Lilian Brindis was about to do, they chose to threaten them.

“They sent Lilian an email threatening her and told her that she could not show the video of the rant because she would be sued, they told her to shut up.”

Lilian Brindis according to Chamonic.

Christian Nodal to be sued for threatening Lilian Brindis ‘Soy Regia’

After the email Lilian Brindis allegedly received from Christian Nodal to not show the video, the influencer sought her lawyer, and it turned out that he would return the move.

According to the information that ‘Soy Regia’ told her lawyer, Guillermo Pous, Christian Nodal cannot limit her to sharing a video “of an authorized interview.”

But that’s not all, as Christian Nodal threatened the celebrities in Houston, Texas, now they will be the ones suing him for this reason.

Raul Brindis and his wife argue that Christian Nodal changed his behavior a lot since they claim that it was the announcer who helped him to promote himself in Texas.