Christian Nodal explains the reason why he decided to exhibit Belinda and her mother on social networks

After what Christian Nodal He surprised everyone with a tweet where he shared a screenshot of a chat he had with Belinda on February 4, in said conversation the end of the relationship and commitment of the “Nodeli” can be seen.

And it is that in said chat it is read that Belinda asks for money not only for her personal grooming but also for her parentsso it can be understood that Nodal gave a monthly payment to those who were his in-laws.

After this text You can read others where Belinda tells the interpreter of “Of the kisses I gave you” that she regretted everything they lived together because he had destroyed his life.

Although it is not appreciated what Nodal writes or says to Belinda after the texts in which the protagonist of “Welcome to Eden” made strong claims to her then fiancéborn in Caborca, Sonora, has already revealed why he decided to expose who a few months ago he claimed was the love of his life.

Nodal has already begun to respond to some of the comments that his followers have placed on hims and detractors in the publication where he published the chat with his ex-fiancée, in which it is appreciated how she asks for money not only for her personal grooming but also for the parents of the interpreter of “Bella Traición”.

Many fans assure that what Nodal did is not gentlemanly, for which he is being strongly criticized, however, the interpreter of “Here below” defended himself and assured that “I need to get those ghosts that haunt me out”.

Christian revealed that he wants to explain to his followers why he did it and says that, although he wants to focus on his careerthere are “foolish people” who pull it and because of those people you will not be able to achieve it so you want to get rid of everything bad.

“Yes, I have because I want to focus my career on giving love from the depths to the world. And with these foolish people pulling me I’m not going to make it. I need to get rid of those haunting ghosts”CHRISTIAN NODAL

Besides, Nodal assures that with the publication of this chat he is aware of what is going to happen, however, he reveals that it is part of his process to heal that “dark” part of his lifealso clarifies that he is calm and does not do it out of courage just to put a stop to everything that has been said about him.

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