Christian Nodal goes viral after being caught “drunk” and “impertinent”

Christian Nodal He decided to celebrate the successful presentation he offered on September 18 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada by visiting a casino. Nevertheless, a video that is already viral on social networks reveals that the singer se went for drinks and had an impertinent behavior with the security of the place.

In the clip we can see the interpreter of ‘Adiós Amor’ being escorted by guards out of the casino. However, the detail that caught our attention is that it was quite evident that she was reluctant to leave the premises and that it was difficult for her to walk, because she was not in her five senses.

While this was happening, the people present in the place recorded and there were even those who tried to ask for an autograph and even a photo. So far, Belinda’s ex-fiancé has not commented on this embarrassing incidentwhich has unleashed a wave of cruel ridicule and harsh criticism against him.

Nodal’s friends “lie” to Belinda

This viral video comes just days after a video was released that shows a friend of the singer “menting the mother” to Belinda while they sang songs and enjoyed a meal at a well-known Mexican restaurant in Jalisco.

In the meantime, Christian Nodal just laughed and then asked them to stop recording. However, the actions of his friends unleashed strong criticism against the Sonoran singer, who has even been branded “ardent” and accused of not being able to forget his ex-girlfriend, despite the fact that he has already started another romance with Cazzu.

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How old is Christian Nodal?

Despite the criticism and controversy, the Sonoran singer is still considered a great exponent of the Mexican regional.

Christian Jesus Gonzalez Nodalknown simply as Christian Nodal, was born on January 11, 1999so now you have 23 years old. As American Post News mentioned before, the singer originally from Caborca. Sonora began his artistic career in 2016 and rose to fame thanks to the song “Adiós Amor”.

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