Christian Nodal “likes” a sexy Argentine on Instagram and it’s not Cazzu

Christian Nodal, Mexican regional singer.

Christian Nodal, Mexican regional singer.

Photo: Greg Doherty. /Getty Images

The most sought-after Mexican regional singer of the moment, Christian Nodal, does not stop giving what to talk about and this time for a like or rather a few has hit a sexy Argentinian on Instagram. Apparently, this girl whose username is @ p0w.p0w is a stylist for the entertainment industry and a sexy model who has no qualms about showing off her thongs in very suggestive positions. All this in the midst of viralization of the kiss between Nodal and Cazzu.

There are several publications on Instagram where there has been an interaction between the sexy Argentine and Christian Nodal for months. This does not confirm or deny anything. Except that he gives “like” to his sensual friend in the social network. In general, there is little that the singer lets slip one or at least that is how his own fans have described it. The same ones who noticed this because they follow the track in sun and shadow.

On the other hand, while the singer-songwriter was giving it his all during his concert in Bolivia, some pieces of ice were thrown at him who obviously beat him up. But the singer approached and then said to the security in charge of the event and the microphone to be kicked out of the presentation. This was broadcast by the favorite YouTube entertainment program, Gossip No Like.

“Take them to the *** And pay them their tickets out there. They are not throwing ice at me because I respect them and they are not respecting me…”, said Christian Nodal during his concert in Bolivia. He immediately dedicated other words to the fans who were politely enjoying the concert. “I want to thank all my fans because my fans are the best in my life…”, she added.

All this happens in the midst of the images that have gone viral of the singer, where he is seen kissing the Argentine singer very tenderly Cazzu minutes before going on stage. There’s no doubt Christian Nodal he looks more recovered from the last scandal that marked the end of his relationship with Belinda.

But that has not been the only controversy of the singer. He recently released a new look and the Colombian reggaeton player J Balvin he made a joke out of the resemblance to a look he was wearing as well. Christian Nodal he didn’t take it well. However, he retracted right there with the exponent of the urban genrewho also said on social networks that he understood that Nodal was going through a bad time and that he had called him to apologize.

Let us remember that this singer also lived a similar story with his counterpart Resident. J Balvin had boycotted the delivery of the Latin Grammy and the Puerto Rican lashed out at him and then it was a story that even ended with the Mexican boxer Saul Canelo Alvarez in the middle. The good news is that tempers have calmed down around Nodal and he seems to be entering a personal best moment.

For now, he is still dedicated to his tour of presentations in different countries. Christian Nodal is marking history by being the youngest artist of regional mexican to tour Latin America in the last ten years. There is no doubt that, along with many other exponents such as Alex Fernandez, Angela Aguilar, Firm GroupLorenzo Mendez and Chiquis Riveramake up the new face of the genre that is leaving it in style.

For now, here we leave the video clip of “Lemon with salt” which has more than 7 million views on Youtube in just three weeks.

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