Christian Nodal makes a girl cry in full concert

Christian Nodal in recent months it has generated a lot of controversy, however professionally it is sweeping, because it can boast of having fans of all ages and it is a little girl who became a trend, because he ended up crying during one of his concert and the culprit was the singer himself.

Let us remember that since Christian Nodal began his relationship with Belinda, he became one of the most media celebrities, so all his actions are very followed.

In AmericanPost.News We inform you that during his presentation in Jalisco, the singer paused his show to approach one of his smallest fans, causing the girl’s emotion and monopolizing the spotlight of the entertainment world, before the tender gesture that He had.

Christian Nodal makes a little fan cry

What did Christian Nodal do? What happened between Christian Nodal and Belinda?

Christian Nodal who recently became a trend before a controversial comment to Belinda, had a very special detail with a small fan, who was among the audience of his most recent presentation.

The little girl carried a sign where she confessed to Christian Nodal that it was the first concert in her entire life, in addition to the great admiration she feels for the native of Sonora.

The singer was able to read the message from his fan, so he approached and took off the vest he was wearing in the presentation, hugged her and put it on the girl, which caused applause from those present and tears from the little girl. .

The video became a trend, generating hundreds of positive comments for Christian Nodal, who was recently heavily criticized for his attitude at the mention of his ex’s name.

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Christian Nodal and Belinda

What happened between Christian Nodal and Belinda?

Although it was in February that Christian Nodal and Belinda confirmed their separation, after two years of dating and before wedding plans, the romance they starred in continues to give something to talk about.

Recall that Christian Nodal exposed Belinda by publishing a private conversation, where the singer asked him for money for his expenses, just as a video went viral a few days ago, where a subject insulted the Spanish woman in the presence of her ex, who limited himself to smile, earning hundreds of attacks.

However, in the face of criticism, Christian Nodal He has been carefree and closer to his fans, in addition to now showing off his relationship with rapper Cazzu.

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