Christian Nodal on the cover of ‘Rolling Stone’ to reveal his secrets

true to his style, Christian Nodal starred on the cover of the magazine ‘Rolling Stone’, where in addition to talking about his career, he also told his darkest secrets.

The interpreter of regional mexican revealed how sad and pressured he has felt in recent weeks, as the networks have gone against him thanks to media exposure.

And although he did not clarify if his heart is already occupied by Cazzu, the young singer advanced that he seeks tranquility to be able to focus fully on his career, since at the end of the day it is what should matter before all the scandals.

Nodal on magazine cover for ‘Rolling Stone’

Nodal on the cover of a magazine for ‘Rolling Stone’ How old is Christian Nodal?

Nodal is once again the protagonist of magazine covers, this time being the guest of honor for the June 26 edition of Rolling Stonesone of the most important in the entertainment industry.

For the publication, the singer narrated several passages of his life in the company of his family in Love, tattoos and two broken hearts”, name of the article for his fans.

“There was no dad, there was no mom. My parents were my grandparents. I once wanted to throw myself from a second story, thinking it would hurt me, but my grandmother saved me,” she revealed.

He even announced that his musical idols were first Ariel Camacho, however, he recognizes that his passion for music was discovered with Juan Gabriel, Vicente Fernandez, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Jorge Negrete Y Pedro Infante.

“I think the legacy of Mexican music for the world will be that way of expressing oneself so frank, so poetic, so pure, so romantic and so true. That is what I think it will contribute to the world forever and ever, because the lyrics are beautiful, the melodies are precious”.

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How old is Christian Nodal?

How old is Christian Nodal?

Born January 11, 1999, Christian Jesus Gonzalez Nodalis a famous singer and author of Mexican regional music, who today he is 23 years old.

In 2019 he released a powerful album, “Now”, where he really made a name for himself in the music industry with success such as “From the kisses I gave you”, “They didn’t tell you wrong”, “Forget you” and “Who are you”.

Recently Christian Nodal is working on his new record production, “Outlaw” and that will serve as a spearhead to overcome his latest album, “AY AY AY”.

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