Christian Nodal played in the street at the age of eleven: “it was very hard”

Christian Nodal is one of the favorite regional Mexican music industry artists. He has recently gained fame due to his love affairs since his relationship with singer Cazzu is given a lot to talk about lately. However, we will go back to his beginnings in music.

Christian Nodal is 23 years old and one of Mexico’s most listened to artists, according to the top shared weekly by the Spotify application.

This statement was made known in the program hosted by journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, ‘El Minuto Que Cambió Mi Destino‘ (The minute that changed my destiny), where different characters are interviewed.

Christian Nodal played in the streets

According to the young musician’s statements, since he was a child, he had been interested in music because his father, grandfather, and uncles were also musicians.

Christian Nodal said that when he was very young, he only knew how to play one song with the trumpet. However, he had already contributed economically to his house. With the song ‘El Niño Perdido,’ he earned just a few coins that, according to the musician, were exchanged for candy with his father.

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“When I was 11 years old, I just knew ‘El Niño Perdido,’ and people were already giving me tips, so it was very striking to be a 10, 11-year-old kid playing, it was hard, not for nothing, but it was hard to play the trumpet”.

On the other hand, Christian Nodal shared that he learned to play different instruments because he had a good relationship with his uncles and aunts, and his father figure was always his grandfather. The latter taught him to play the trumpet.

Without a doubt, we can see that Christian Nodal started his career from a very early age, and his thing was always regional Mexican music until he became the great artist he is today.