Christian Nodal refers ignores AMLO’s suggestion and refers to Kany García

Christian Nodal is a famous singer who recently turned down the invitation of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and is focusing on Kany García and the single “La Siguiente,” whose music video was released on September 21.

It seems that after the success of Grupo Firme at the Zócalo in Mexico City, where they broke records by gathering 280,000 people, it was revealed that Christian Nodal could be the next singer to perform.

But despite the great expectation generated by his possible concert in the Zócalo, 23-year-old Christian Nodal has decided to focus on his new music and not respond to the comments of 63-year-old AMLO.

AMLO invites Christian Nodal

It should be noted that Christian Nodal focuses on Kany García and ignores AMLO’s invitation to sing in the Zócalo, since last September 25, Grupo Firme performed in the Zócalo with great success, where Eduin Caz was very excited that they broke the attendance record to surpass Vicente Fernández.

That is why later, during the morning conference on Monday, September 26th, President AMLO announced Christian Nodal’s intentions to perform a free concert in the Zócalo.

“I don’t know who told me that there was another famous artist who wanted…Christian Nodal who also wanted to participate and not get paid. He would be terrific.”

Derived from that, the president considered it a good idea that Christian Nodal could perform in the Zócalo. He also pointed out that he did not want problems with 33-year-old Belinda, who has been close to his government: “Belinda has behaved well with us…. We don’t want to snub Belinda. Maybe we will invite them both”.

After AMLO’s statements, many fans were waiting for Christian Nodal’s response. However, the singer has decided to focus on his single with 40-year-old Kany García. Through his Instagram Stories, Christian Nodal has focused on promoting his new song, “La Siguiente.”

“La Siguente” by Christian Nodal and Kany García

“La Siguiente” is a song about heartbreak by Kany García. The famous singer said that from the beginning, she knew the song should be a duet because it is a conversation between a couple. That is why through a statement, Kany Garcia said that it was always clear that Christian Nodal was suitable for the song because he has a magical voice.

Among other details, Kany García emphasized that she always wanted Christian Nodal to feel comfortable interpreting the song. She added several of her elements so that they would also be his. The song has had a great reception and is still trending on Youtube.