Christian Nodal remembers the excesses he experienced when he began to be successful as a singer: “I became obsessed”

Facing success has not been easy for Christian Nodal, who at 23 has become one of the most listened to regional Mexican singers; however, before discovering that making music is his true passion, confessed that he had to go through a series of excesses.

In an interview with the Mexican magazine life and stylethe interpreter of “Ya no somos ni seremos” recalled that his beginnings in music were marked by endless intense emotions that made him feel “as if they injected adrenaline every time“.

He confesses that having fame, money and getting things so easily is one of the greatest dangers that can exist when you are not prepared to live with it.

Everything that happened to me scared me. It’s like standing on top of the building and feeling very dizzy“, said.

During the talk, he also revealed that the beginnings of his career were marked by continuous meetings and going out with people he did not know and ending up in strange places. In addition to buy jewelry, watches and even a Ferrari, He came to think that money was to be surrounded by luxuries and a kind of “crazy life” and without thinking about the consequences.

Every day was a party. I feel that I did not lose the floor, but yes I got obsessed and got to a point where if I didn’t wear designer clothes, I didn’t feel safe.. But when I understood it, I said: ‘This is worth mothers! With this you do not connect with people, you do it with the heart, with the word’”, with which he finally managed to understand that this was just a stage in his life.

The ex-boyfriend of Belinda confesses that he likes to take his passions to another level, so having tattoos on his face is part of his personality and it’s not about a character I created.

The artist from Caborca, Sonora, highlights that it is difficult to understand success, especially “come from nothing and then have it all. Before they didn’t peel you and now everyone wants you. I didn’t know if they loved me for who I am or what they think I am.“, he adds.

One of the great goals of his career is to put Mexico on high thanks to the music he makes and for it to be sung in other countries, since he feels a commitment to contribute to his culture.

Within this same publication, Christian Nodal surprised his followers by appearing without one of the controversial tattoos he made on his face in honor of Belinda.

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