Christian Nodal reveals for the first time why he tattooed his face

Christian Nodal He has always made it clear that one of his great passions, in addition to music, are tattoos, carrying dozens of designs embodied in the skin and each one of them with a special meaning, either for art or for one or another ex woman.

Hence, he got to tattoo his eyes, the name and even the title of one of the albums of Belinda and although he no longer wears them, we know that they will always be there with him to remind him of that stage.

However, one of the great mysteries of Nodal’s tattoos was his decision to have taken them to his face and plagued it with symbols, signs and even roses that today have become a distinction and his artistic seal.

Nodal confesses why he got his face tattooed

Nodal confesses why he had his face tattooed How many tattoos does Christian Nodal have?

One of the enigmas that have surrounded the career of Nodal It has been his decision to capture tattoos on his face and even to make them part of his stamp and identity as an inspiring artist of the new generations.

Although he has been widely questioned about this decision, the interpreter from Caborca ​​has never revealed said reasons, until now… because in his most recent concert in Guadalajara spoke on the subject.

A viral video circulates on social networks where the singer tells of his experience with a reporter and how as a result he knew what to say every time he was asked about it:

“My answer was not prepared as much as I wanted to, but a reporter shouted Nodal! I know why you have a tattoo – and it solved all the problems of my life – it is to cover the kisses they have given you.’

Said phrase from the reporter could well be related to one of her most recent songs “We are no longer, nor will we be”which basically describes the healing process after a breakup and how tattoos are the mark that covers those memories.

“I wanted my skin, to fill it with tattoos, to cover the kisses you left. I can hide the history we live in, but I can’t erase you.”

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How many tattoos does Christian Nodal have?

How many tattoos does Christian Nodal have?

It is well known that the singer has an approximate 50 full body tattoos, highlighting those of the arm and chest. Although it should be clarified that today the figure may be outdated since the boy continues to tattoo himself.

Despite the criticism received for his tattoos, Christian NodaHe assures that they have become part of his essence and a way of expressing his feelings with designs inspired by his family, music and, of course, love.

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