Christian Nodal reveals that his most painful breakup was not Belinda, but his first love, at 12 years old

Christian Nodal believed he would marry the woman who broke his heart for the first time and reveals whether or not it was Belinda.

While participating in the podcast “Escuela de nada,” Christian Nodal confirmed that his song “Te fallé” is based on real facts. As a teenager, he broke up with a girlfriend because he wanted to be with someone else, but later he regretted it.

But that confession was not the only one. Christian Nodal, 24 years old, revealed his most painful breakup. Will it be his separation from Belinda?

Let’s remember that Christian Nodal had an affair with Belinda, 33 years old, with whom he thought he would marry and have children; however, surprisingly, the relationship ended. Since then, many people have assumed that the actress marked the singer’s life, but is it so?

Christian Nodal reveals if Belinda was his most painful breakup

Christian Nodal fondly remembers a courtship he had when he was 12; when he thought he would marry that person, he cried for months when they broke up.

“They say that the most important love is the childish one…. I had a girlfriend when I was about 12 years old, I swore I was going to marry her and that she was going to be the mother of my children and so on. I had a world of the two of us…we were going to go to the same university and…it ended.”

Christian Nodal

The interpreter of Botella tras Botellas reveals that he cried to that love for 8 months when he felt physical and emotional pain.

Belinda included? Christian Nodal accepts to have been very dramatic in love

On the other hand, Christian Nodal admits that he used to walk around with his headphones on and his MP3 player in his hand to play music to his pain with heartbreak songs, which today makes him laugh a lot.

Today his vision of love has changed. He prioritized his own and understood that you don’t need to be in a couple to enjoy life.

That is why he writes songs about self-love and avoids romanticizing what many people think love should be.

“I feel that I discovered very late what a mature love is,” she reflects and says it’s okay to “break your mother” because there are people who seem like angels when they are the devil himself…