Christian Nodal shows his face and talks about the cancellation of the concert in the Valle de Guadalupe

Christian Nodal shows his face and talks about the cancellation of the concert in the Valle de Guadalupe

Christian Nodal.

Photo: Latin Icons / Courtesy

After the controversy that arose last week, about the alleged ecological irregularities in the property where the artist was going to perform this weekend, Christian Nodal shows his face and talks about the cancellation of the concert in the Valle de Guadalupe.

The singer was to give a concert this Saturday and Sunday, October 9 and 10 in said venue. The reason? The inauguration of the same. However, since last week the place was involved in an alleged controversy of accusations of having deforested the area, and not having the corresponding permissions for the forum. In addition, rumors circulated that Nodal was a partner and was part of this new business.

“By means of this Christian Nodal and his team we want to inform that We regret that the concert this Saturday night where our artist was willing to share with his audience has been canceled. Knowing the seriousness with which APM Producciones has always been managed, and in order to safeguard the integrity of the attendees and the artist, the event has made this decision ”, begins the statement sent by Latin Icons, the artist’s advertising company.

And about the controversy, they clarify it themselves: “The false information that is circulating about his involvement in the new property in El Valle de Guadalupe. Christian nodal He was hired 6 months ago by APM Producciones to perform on October 9 and 10 at said venue. Our artist had already made other presentations with the same production without any inconvenience. We also clarify that neither Christian Nodal nor his team has anything to do with this property, he is neither a partner nor an investor., only one artist who was hired for the inauguration ”, specifies his team.

In the same way, they did not crawl to the issue of the alleged environmental contravention:

“As is done in each of the hiring, By express request of Christian Nodal and us, his team, proof is requested that the place where it will be presented is suitable and complies with all regulations, in order to protect the public, the artist and his team. This case was not the exception, and the engineer Pedro Montejo Peterson, representative of APM Producciones, delivered the corresponding documentation ”.

Finally, from the place where he should have appeared last night and tonight, Christian himself expressed himself with these words:

“I am very sorry for what is happening. Here I find myself with the best predisposition to give myself to enjoy with the public, but for reasons beyond my control, it will not be possible… I was very excited to look at them, and I hope that this will be solved soon and we will be able to perform both concerts ”.

And on the alleged deforestation and ecological abuse the singer added: “I am a ranch boy, I grew up among trees, vegetation, rivers. Nature is my home, my cradle and I am a great defender of the environment, I would never allow my image, my music and my art to be mixed with those who harm the environment“.

Regarding this and the accusations of committing an act against the environment, Nodal’s team says they asked engineer Montejo Peterson for explanations, since both Christian Nodal and his family are great defenders of ecology.

We only did a cleaning job on a piece of land. Cleaning work was done on 1.5 hectares, which is the concert area, and about 2.5 hectares for the parking lot. We do not remove the vine, we do not plant trees, everything is in its place“.


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