Christian Nodal shows how he removed his face tattoos

Christian Nodal and his tattoos are still a topic of conversation. After the singer boasted about his face without tattoos, his fans wondered how he managed to look without a trace of ink, and it is with a video that the famous ends with the speculations and shows the process.

On American Post News, we have previously let you know that Christian Nodal became a trend after he appeared hand in hand with his girlfriend Cazzu at an award ceremony in Argentina.

Although this was the couple’s first appearance in front of the press, Christian Nodal’s face stole the spotlight from the entertainment world since the trace of his tattoos was not seen.

What happened to Christian Nodal’s tattoos?

What did Christian Nodal do with the face tattoos?

It was through social networks that a video was broadcast where Christian Nodal was seen sitting in front of a mirror. At the same time, a makeup artist records it, showing the change in his face and that he temporarily covered the tattoos with makeup.

Similarly, the user Chamonic revealed that the idea of covering tattoos is related to a video, where the singer will talk about what he was like before one of his relationships.

Although it is unknown what relationship he will talk about so far, his fans assure him that it is the courtship he had with Belinda because that is when he has had the most changes.

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How many tattoos did Nodal get for Belinda?

Christian Nodal got several tattoos in honor of Belinda.

One of the most controversial issues in the relationship between Christian Nodal and Belinda was the tattoos the Mexican singer had in honor of his fiancee.

There were four tattoos that Christian Nodal made concerning Belinda. The largest was the eyes of the Spanish singer and were located on her chest.

Christian Nodal has presumed that all tattoos he dedicated to Belinda have already been changed, although he has not eliminated any so far.