Christian Nodal sings ‘La Derrota’ by Vicente Fernández, and one of his friends sends a message to Belinda

Christian Nodal, Belinda’s ex-boyfriend – Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty Images

A video of Christian Nodal in the company of a few friends singing in a Mexican food restaurant in Jalisco went viral on social networks. Everything was going very well, at one point, among friends. At the same time, Nodal, along with another man, sang with great feeling ‘La Derrota’, one of the most famous songs by Vicente Fernández, ‘El charro de Huentitán,’ but they reminded him of his ex Belinda while he interpreted the painful theme.

At first, his friend, wearing a hat and plaid shirt, appears to be singing and then hands the microphone to Nodal, comfortably seated. The interpreter of ‘bottle after bottle’ does not hesitate for a second and sings the famous song’s lyrics. “That’s my friend Christian… Thank God, huh,” Nodal’s song partner says as he develops the theme.

Seconds later, the man retakes the microphone and shouts, “Remember Christian… Chin ** your mother, Belinda,” while Nodal gets up from the chair and makes a comment amidst much laughter.

Christian Nodal and Belinda ended their relationship in February of this year, amid many rumors that the end of their love came due to money-related problems. Nodal was in charge of letting the world know that his commitment to the interpreter of ‘Luz sin Gravidad’ had ended.

“To all my fans and friends of the press, I want to share that we have decided to end our commitment and relationship as a couple, each taking the best of the other. Thank you very much for joining us during this time. I ask for respect for our decision, where each one will live their separation process in their way. I always wish each other the best for the happy times lived and those of trial,” Nodal communicated on February 13 through his Instagram stories.