Christian Nodal surprises his fans with a radical change of look

The singer from Sonora Christian Nodal He has grabbed the front pages of the newspapers thanks to his quirky makeovers since his breakup with the singer Belinda.

However, he seems to have left behind everything extravagant in his hair, so he has made a radical change of look that has surprised everyone.

as we told you in AmericanPost.NewsChristian Nodal is currently in the news because of his romantic relationship with the Argentine rapper Cazzu, with whom he has apparently been able to forget Belinda.

Nodal shows his new look

This is the new look of the Sonoran singer The singer has more than 10 tattoos on his body

On September 10, the Mexican singer had a presentation with his “Forajido Tour”, in which his fans could hear him perform songs like Bottle after bottle, From the kisses I gave you and We are no longer nor will we be.

However, there was a detail that caught the attention of the attendees who were in charge of capturing it on video and circulating it on social networks.

In them you can see the new look that the singer has, since he appeared with a shaved head, which generated conversation among his followers.

It should be remembered that after his breakup with Belinda, Nodal reappeared with blonde hair and then jumped to more extravagant colors such as purple or green that made him the protagonist of many memes.

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How many tattoos does Nodal have?

The singer has more than 10 tattoos on his body

One of the characteristics by which Christian Nodal is recognizable is his tattoos, which already cover various parts of his body, since the interpreter of Goodbye love has some designs such as the word “Revolution” on his knuckles, in addition to a rose of the winds in the chest and stars like the Sun, a Moon and five stars.

In addition to that it also bears the titles of his studio albums “Me deje Llevar”, “Now” and “Forajido”

In addition to this, it has the phrase “without fear”, a key to open doors, an arrow that means defense and protection, as well as a fleur-de-lis and the word utopia next to a heart. So in the end Nodal has more than 10 tattoos all over his body.

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