Christian Nodal to spend around $36,000 to remove his face tattoos

Embracing fatherhood, Nodal endures the pain of tattoo removal, eager for his daughter to recognize him without the inked symbols.

After a year of relationship with Cazzu, Christian Nodal is about to make his wish of being a young father come true. It is rumored that the couple will have a baby girl, and the Argentinean rapper already performed her last concert before retiring to wait for the arrival of the baby, the artist must rest to be optimal so that her baby arrives without complications.

On the most recent Mother’s Day, the lovers could not be together, but the 24-year-old singer sent a very special detail to his girlfriend: a bouquet of sunflowers. Cazzu shared a thank you in an Instagram story and expressed how much he loves and misses his partner.

Christian Nodal begins the process of removing his facial tattoos

Some time ago, the interpreter of “Botella Tras Botella” shared his desire to remove some of his facial tattoos so that his “daughter” could get to know his face. He even started the process, which consists of 6 to 9 sessions. In a Venezuelan “Escuela de Nada podcast,” Nodal admitted that removing his tattoos has been more painful than he thought.

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It hurt a lot more to remove them than to put them on; the good thing is that the pain is less time-consuming. It took me about fifteen minutes”, said the singer.
He has just had his first session and was warned about the need to be careful since the injections can leave “horrible sores,” although, in his case, they will scab over. The hardest thing for him is that he has a phobia of injections, which they have to give him to sedate him.

“It hurts like hell, and they are still visible. And all because of the rebellion!” he joked, adding that he plans to remove the one on his nose, the rose, and the tattoos he has on his forehead, including some shiny ones near his eyebrow. This procedure would cost him around $36,000, as the session costs around $4,000. However, it is already a process that the singer started so that his little girl recognizes him as his face was before.