Christian Nodal was recorded drunk in Las Vegas and needed support to walk

Singer Christian Nodal has had quite a controversial year, not only did he end his relationship with Belinda last February. He also starred in another one because of the hints they both have dedicated to each other, as well as his new romance with Cazzu. Recently, he was seen drunk, and it seems that he could not even walk on his own.

The video did not take long to go viral on different platforms, while some supported him for being a young person, while others regretted seeing him in a situation like that. In addition, several netizens said that Belinda’s ex was just enjoying his short stay in Las Vegas.

They said: “He also has the right to fart, why not?”, “My admiration for my friend Nodal, just invest well in people who take care of him”, “Your concert was great!!!! Next time I’ll pay more to be closer”, “She’s a young artist and a normal person who has a good time in Las Vegas, everything that happens in Las Vegas stays in TikTok”, “Why record it?” “That’s why he goes to Las Vegas”, were some of the impressions.

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While he was walking, the Mexican was escorted by his security team with extrem care. They removed the people who were close to the interpreter of “Botella tras Botella” because it felt like falling at any given moment. In addition, his visit was the result of a presentation he made, which many said was excellent.

However, everything seems a little strange because on TikTok, supposedly, his mother would have published a video where Cazzu’s boyfriend would be asleep, which for many would mean the fact of wanting to hide what was happening.

After the controversy in which he was immersed, he decided to make a statement through his stories on the social network Instagram to ensure that he had celebrated the way he should. At the same time, he was not at all embarrassed by what happened, on the contrary, he was smiling.

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“Yesterday we enjoyed Las Vegas as it is supposed to,” he said.