Christian Nodal will record the song he wrote for Belinda with another woman

Since the breakup from Belinda, Christian Nodal has given much to talk about, after speculation arose about a new relationship. Plus, he is supposedly sunk in alcohol and excesses.

What is a reality is that the singer, recently just confirmed that he will have a collaboration with Tini Stoessel and the musical production will be about the love song he had with Belinda.

On AmericanPost.News, we have shared with you that Christian Nodal was recently captured in Tabasco with a beautiful woman with what is assumed to be has surpassed Belinda.

Christian Nodal confirms collaboration with Tini Stoessel

With the breakup of his relationship with Belinda, many fans wondered about what would happen to the projects that both singers had together since they had written several songs together.

Nevertheless, the singer has been in charge of affirming that Tini Stoessel will be the one who will take the place of Belinda in the love song they wrote together and with which they had moved their fans.

Through a live broadcast from his Twitch channel, the interpreter of “Adiós Amor” has given a preview of the next collaboration he will have with the Argentine singer Tini Stoessel in the song “Por el resto de tu vida”.

“Yes, it will come out, but with Tini,” the singer clarified.

What happened to Christian Nodal’s mother?

On her Instagram account, she shared her state of health.

A few days ago, a rumor emerged in the media and social networks that the mother of the singer Christian Nodal was in poor health.

Given the rumors, it was the same Silvia Nodal who confirmed on social media that she was hospitalized and even narrated that it was part of a miracle that the doctors could not believe.

And it is that the mother of the singer of the regional genre, explained that was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in the colon, which needed to be operated on urgently; Nevertheless, prior to surgery, a study revealed that this tumor had disappeared.